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Super Bowl: the performance of Lady Gaga variously appreciated – The Express

Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Janet Jackson, Madonna… At the Super Bowl, a superstar is the successor to a superstar, it is the rule. To set fire to the half-time of this edition 2017, the organizers had relied on the eccentric Lady Gaga. A daunting task, however, was not a baptism of fire for the diva’s american as in the past year, she had masterfully interpreted the anthem for the opening of the finale.

>> IN IMAGES. Jumps into the void and acrobatics, the show of Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl

headlining this year, the singer of 30 years had no other choice than to go up a notch. History of put full the eyes of 110 million viewers and the 70 000 spectators present, Lady Gaga begins her show on the roof of the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Wearing a body wire twinkling, the star performer of the very patriotic, God Bless America and This Land is Your Land, blink of an eye to an America that is united in these hectic times.

Behind her, the stars come alive, moving in all directions, to finally come to form the american flag. “One nation under God, indivisible, guaranteeing to everyone freedom and justice,” says the singer. At the end of this sequence, that is, rushing into the void. Clinging to the cable, Lady Gaga, suspended at a height of several meters, descends slowly to the stage.

“this is an opening,” enthuses the Los Angeles Times. For its part, USA Today praises this idea, spectacular, at the Mad Max, but would have liked to see the singer remains in the air for longer. Because, regret the site, the surprises “were arrested as soon as she got the harness’ safety.

“No political statement in bold”

last week, Lady Gaga, an icon of the gay community and transgender, had assured that she would not deliver a political forum, while the United States seem to be more divided than ever, three weeks after the inauguration of Donald Trump. “The only declarations that I will do during my show are the ones that I have made consistently throughout my career”, had promised to Lady Gaga, an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign.

According to Variety, its performance has been placed under the themes of “unity and peace”. She did, however, “no political statement in bold”. Surprisingly, judge the site, for a Lady Gaga who has not hesitated to criticize the new president of the United States. No mention of Donald Trump has been made, note in Entertainment Weekly. The artist laments the Los Angeles Times, did not take advantage of this opportunity to “say something deep”.

However, notes Mashable, Lady Gaga has given a place of choice to Born This Way. This title, released in 2011, is a cry of freedom and tolerance. “No matter gay, straight, or bi; Lesbian, transgendered life; I’m on the right track baby; I was born to survive” [no matter gay, straight or bi; Lesbian or transgender; I am on the right track, baby; I was born to survive], sings it.

“A performance that is extremely athletic

Accompanied by dozens of dancers, Lady Gaga moves and chains together the choreography. A dynamic applauded by the New York Times who welcomes the “performance shared”. in Poker Face, Just Dance, Bad Romance… During the 13 minutes of her performance, as Lady Gaga performs his greatest hits, including some dating back (already) with more than ten years. To Mashable, the singer was right to bet on the latter since this is what was waiting for the public.

Small exception, the singer, sitting behind a piano, echoes its title, Million Reasons, from his latest album Joanne, released in 2016. All around her, the spectators waving torches and electric orange. “For a moment relatively calm, in a performance that is extremely athletic,” writes the famous american daily newspaper.

The song Telephone, interpreted in duet with Beyoncé, has hinted at a possible surprise. The superstar, pregnant with twins, would she make an appearance and join Lady Gaga on stage? Unfortunately not. But it, Lady Gaga had already announced to his fans a few hours before the show. “There will be no guest singers. I’m going to make these 13-minute solo”, she had written on his account Instagram.


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