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You are pregnant, you keep the secret for three months, but the time has come to announce this to your family, your friends… to the world ! So, this will be the phone calls in the burst, the official dinner with glass raised or the post heart with the hands on Facebook ? Will, do you, you can do better, you can be Beyoncé.

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With the Beyoncé

As the star, you have the right to be in the show off, taking out the crown of flowers giant and the net in Jardiland. Like this, this is ridiculous ? Kitsch is the new chic, and you can clearly see the influence of baroque work of Pierre & Gilles, is it not ? You are the Madonna of modern times, to you the 7.5 million likes on Instagram.

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Our stars have the talent. Regardless of the place, the time or the weather, they are at the top of themselves : hair, perfect, perfect makeup, perfect smile… and so natural. Except that it is always necessary that there is a photographer in the area. Gosh ! “Oh, but what were you doing there ? “, seems to say Liv Tyler, surprise, the hand on her baby bump at the edge of the beach. “I look to the future,” says Pink, very pregnant, but dressed like for a concert. You will have understood, the best way to announce her pregnancy is still” improvise ” a photo session of the stars, and share the best pictures on Instagram. It is time to take out the number of your wedding photographer.


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hoping that the said photographer is waterproof. Because the tendency is to shoot underwater.

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pregnancy is also a story of man. A little. So don’t hesitate to ask him for help to spread the good news. History that it implies, he gives of his person. Especially if the dad is a star. Especially if the dad is Justin Timberlake.


Oh that is so cute, these little shoes next to big names. But what is it that wants to tell us Kelly Rowland : “Like this, I’ll be as cool as dad. “But yes, she is pregnant, and their child will wear the same Air Jordan that his father, the manager Tim Witherspoon. Ok, ok, this is not subtle at all, but at least, the former Destiny Child played the original, and avoided the inevitable baby bump and one hand on the belly. Carice Van Houten, the interpreter of the witch Melisandre in Game of Thrones has played as malignant, with a tweet, direct and funny : “Ok, I’m ready for the jokes on the babies demonic. “

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On the red carpet

Why make a mountain. You are pregnant, no big deal. People do not need to be aware of, but you do not have to hide it. So if you’re invited to the Venice film Festival, like Natalie Portman at the Toronto film festival, as Léa Seydoux, or to a movie at UGC, do as if nothing had happened, put on the outfit that fits you best, even if it reveals your belly. By contrast, for the red carpet, do a backup, just in case. Especially in the UGC.


How is it you don’t go to the tv ? Even in the public 12 o’clock, or in a duplex of BFMTV. There in the background, behind the reporter. Because this can be an effective way to announce your pregnancy. Poppy Montgomery, star of the series Unforgettable, is arrival six months pregnant on the set of David Letterman. But the Oscar for the best star speaker, of course, means Kim K, who has released the info in a teaser of her reality tv show The Incredible family Kardashian. Come on, your turn, just need to find an “incredible” family of billionaires, marry Kanye West and start up your own real tv.

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