Pierre Menes responds to his critics during a chat hosted by 20 Minutes, on September 29, 2014. – screen capture 20 minutes
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Operated on for a double transplant of kidney and liver in December 2016, Pierre Menes has announced Wednesday on his Twitter account that he was ” much better “. The journalist of 53 years has also indicated that he would be back on the set of the Canal Football Club in the spring, ” by march-April “.

The moderator appears to be eager to find the tv shows and the broadcast of Channel +, he lead before. He told the website Yahoo Sports that he suffered not to be on the air : “It’s been going on since September, it is long. It is my job, this is my life, this is my passion. It is everything that makes me move forward. It is vital [...] The day when I’ll be back on the shelf, I really would have the feeling of reliving. “.

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Pierre Menes, out of the hospital in early January, said to go better. But for the animator, there are still a few months of convalescence before being able to return on the screens : “Now, I must return to walk, what I did for months because I had become a vegetable,” said the sports journalist in an interview with Europe 1 at the beginning of the year 2017.

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The operation was vital : “If I had not been grafted on the 12th of December, I think that I would be dead today “, said Pierre Menes in the same interview. And viewers may find it change : in six months, the sports journalist has lost more than 40 pounds.

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