Friday, February 3, 2017

His state of health, his return, OM, PSG, Evra… Pierre Menes gives its new – BFMTV.COM

state of health

” It’s going as well as possible. I was taken to the Necker hospital on Tuesday. The doctors are thrilled with the results of the grafts. The liver is great, the kidney is going super well. It’s incredible to be in this state. It is a “rebirth”. They had warned me that it would be very hard at the beginning, and that after that, there would be a rise a little fast. I think I am at the beginning of this climb. I still find it hard to walk. I am 88 kg. It’s going to be difficult to treat me the big jerk on tv. Con short, it will not be wrong. “


” The calculation of the OM is good. They consider the current state of things that they can’t do better than fifth ? Fifths, that would be great. They began to prepare for the future. The recruitment cost, Dimitri Payet is more in the optic of the pro season. This is coherent. I had a lot of doubt about the arrival of Frank McCourt. I must admit that what is done is coherent. The money is not thrown through the windows. “

Dimitri Payet

” This is a top-tier player. Before you ask whether it is expensive or not, it’s great news to have a player of this level, which returns to League 1. I think that’s good. “

Patrice Evra

” Me reconcile with Evra ? I do not ask better. Maybe what happened to me makes me a little philosopher. This is not very serious. He was able to ill take what I have said about him. I have done it wrong what he said about me. There is nothing definitive for me. It is a very good hire for the OM. Rudi Garcia sent me a text telling me : “You’re the less we love now. It took Evra. “This is not serious, you took Dimitri. I have no anger. “


” This is a great opportunity for Monaco to eliminate Nice. I think this is what will happen. It happens to Louis-II. Monaco has taken a beating on the way. They will be motivated. Monaco is a little less well at the end of the year, but they have the edge over Nice. “


” Against Monaco, I was very disappointed by prudence paris. It was a match where he had to mark the spirits. They have nothing marked at all. I find that this team plays very low. They had three big games to play in the Park this year, Arsenal, Nice and Monaco. They have not won one. I am not convinced by this PSG way Unai Emery. I liked more the PSG of Laurent Blanc. And I liked especially better PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Paris remains my favorite for the title. I think Monaco will beat Manchester City in the eighth-final of the champions League. And is going to lose forces. “


” I still hope to return mid-march. Today, the program, I could do it. The problem is that I don’t move even in an optimal way. Since I know that I’m going to be grafted, I don’t think of it. That day when I’ll be back. “

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