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Who is Alma, the representative of France to the Eurovision 2017 ? – Le Figaro

TV / VIDEO – This young 28 year-old native of Lyon has been chosen to wear the colors of the hexagon at the next Eurovision contest on 13 may this year in Ukraine.

France has chosen to surprise to the edition 2017 of the Eurovision focusing on Alma, an artist almost unknown to the general public. Don’t look for the sweet face of Alexandra Maquet in the archives of the castings New Star or The Voice, the young wife of 28-year-old is in the early stages of his career. This globe-second hand passed through Milan, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Miami, Brussels and Paris, and speaks four languages fluently, satiated for the last four years his dream of art.

a Native of Lyon, Alexandra Maquet, his real name, is the eldest of a family of three sisters and grew up between the United States, Brazil and Italy. During childhood, she discovered a passion for music. She then begins to play the piano and write his first songs. After obtaining a degree in commerce, Alma worked for a year in Milan and then, finally decides to devote himself to his first passion: music. In early 2012, she was posting on the Internet his first compositions in piano voice and produced his first music video in may, at the same time that his first small concerts. In 2013, she began training at the school of the song in Paris and appeared in a story for Téléssone, a local channel in the paris region. “I’ve always loved the music. My parents had a piano at home in Brussels and at the age of 21, when I came back from Milan, I spent hours and hours and hours. It became a passion,” there, admitted it.

Those who had studied commerce for 5 years and shared her life between Belgium and Italy dreamed of living out of his music. Author, composer and interpreter, she said to sing what she felt with texts very personal. Inspired by Nora Jones and a variety of French, she was so eager, in 24 years, recording a first EP, find a manager and to realize his artistic dreams. In the beginning of 2014, she got more than 1500 euros of internet users via the platform KissKissBankBank to finance the production of an EP in a duo with Benjamin Ollive. During the summer, it is surrounded with new collaborators such as Nazim and David Gategno. In April 2015, it was committed with Warner Music and adopted its new name of artist, Alma, a contraction of his surname and his name. “Alma means “soul” and “little girl”” can you also read in his biography.

It is with Nazim, author of the first album Kendji Girac, she wrote her first album composed of several songs such as The fall is slow and Drunk, released in 2016. She has collaborated in the album of Claudio Capéo, El vagabond. Supported by Deezer, it also raises brand ready-to-wear French, like Clarence & Jude and The Ladies, as evidenced by his account Instagram.

As to his live performances, in September 2013, Alma sang in public at Lille, and on the 1st of December, she joined the troupe of singers of the show The songs first on France 3 until June. “A great experience, and pivotal encounters”, admitted it. By year-end 2016, she assured the first part of several concerts of Amir Haddad, the representative of France in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm.

Friday, 13 January, she unveiled her second single, Requiem, written and composed by Nazim, the “doer of success” which is composed I tried to Amir in the last year. “In Requiem, she seeks the immortal love as the ultimate remedy to death,” one can read on the account Facebook of Alma. “I am very honoured to have been chosen to represent France at the Eurovision. And I hope I can count on the support of the public,” said the young singer on Thursday in a press release. With the risk of betting on a as 100% in French, in a contest where the songs in English are needed almost always, the young woman must rely on her vocal qualities and a melody catchy to go as high as possible. See you next may 13 in Kiev, Ukraine, for the Eurovision finals.

Note that Alma will soon be the guest event Buzz TV.

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