Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Silence – the critical and the critical – Paris Match

an Adaptation of a novel japanese, the new film Martin Scorsese has divided the essay.


Seventeenth century, two jesuit priests travel to Japan to locate their mentor, father Ferreira, who disappeared while attempting to spread the teachings of catholicism. At the end of a dangerous journey, they discover a country where christianity was declared illegal and its followers persecuted. They will have to perform in the underground of this perilous quest that will confront their faith in the worst of trials.

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The critical

For, by Yannick Vely ****

He repeats in the interview. “Silence” is his most personal film, a work in which the subject has haunted him since he discovered the novel by Shūsaku Endō. Rarely the producer of “Wolf of Wall Street” will not be as much confided in the open heart, on his doubts as a catholic, this faith that also command surely his existence as the film. If Martin Scorsese has already filmed the religious experience on two occasions with “The Last temptation of Christ” and “Kundun”, he had never been so clearly the subject of THE film, who wanted to be a seminarian in his youth.

The Father Sebastião Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield, as owned by the role) is his obvious double of fiction, who is waiting feverishly that God responds to her prayers about what to do before the violence of men. A formal beauty all plans – Rodrigo Prieto was nominated for an Oscar for best photography – “Silence” is a film demanding in the sense that it requires a deep reverence for the feeling of dilemma inside the hero.

Martin Scorsese films the way of the cross of the two ready-jesuits with a rare economy of effects – no music, few camera movements, this sublime Nature, the other subject of the film (which was shot in Taiwan, Ed), as a confrontation between two ways of thinking about religion – the transcendence of catholic, animism, shintoism – symbolized by the dialogue on the veneration of the sun. If the pace of “Silence” is likely to confuse fans of the Martin Scorsese of “Goodfellas”, especially in a second act is very repetitive, the “stall” narrative of the last third, its power of evocation will put you down on one knee, ready to wait for the confession of the filmmaker. And to reflect at length on the plight of religious minorities, christian or other, constraints, and even now to abjure their God under duress.

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the other hand, by Alain Spira **

Two young jesuits launched in search of a missionary disappeared in Japan, will face the persecution of the christians by the inquisitor of the emperor… What a beautiful topic that the attempt of the introduction of christianity in the buddhist land in the Seventeenth century. Alas, the great Scorsese’s happening next and imposes on us a film never-ending, served by stars unable to make credible their characters.. Even the accumulation of torture takes us out of not the slightest emotion. About the end, it is grotesque. But hey, let’s stay zen…


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