Sunday, February 5, 2017

Karine Le Marchand has spoken out against a leaflet of the national Front, where it appears with Marine Le Pen – LCI

Marine Le Pen in the race for the Elysée


PHOTO DIRTY – A photo from the show “ambition and intimate” showing Marine Le Pen drinking a glass with Karine Le Marchand figure in a tract of the FN distributed to seated face-to-face the candidate frontiste. The host of M6 has requested that the template is no longer used.

Marine Le Pen and Karine Le Marchand, accomplices, drinking a glass of wine. The image was too beautiful for the national Front, which has chosen to integrate in a leaflet distributed to the sitting presidential candidate frontiste, which are being held this weekend in Lyon. The snapshot is extracted from the issuance of M6 “the ambition of intimate” to which Marine Le Pen was involved in last October. It can now be found in a booklet of four pages is intended to provide the president of the FN so “intimate” and entitled “Such as I am !”.

In this booklet “people,” the candidate, not in the cliché puts it, his “feminine sensibility” which “leads to better perceive the injustice,” describing it as “a free woman that is unapologetic in a world of men”. There are family photos – Marine Le Pen with her babies, with her sisters, Yann and Marie-Caroline – and so… Karine Le Marchand.

Under the photo of the two women is a declaration of the candidate : “If I am to be criticized, that I might be on of items found and not on lies”. One can then read : “Very reluctant to expose his private life, the Navy agreed to participate in the show 'Ambition is intimate with the desire to be better known, that is to say, as it really is. Before electing a responsible bearer of a political project, it shall elect a person.”

But as soon as unveiled, the communication operation has experienced a serious quack. And for good reason. No one has, in effect, warned Karine The Dealer, and even less asked for his permission to use his image. Update, the facilitator, therefore, has asked via his Twitter account that the image be removed from the bracket.

During the broadcast of'An ambition intimate”, Karine Le Marchand, had been roundly criticized for having copiné with the president of the FN and had been accused of participating in the dédiabolisation the extreme-right party. The presenter was then defended by arguing that it should receive all the candidates and treat them on an equal footing. It had also highlighted the fact that it needed to be neutral as a journalist. We imagine, therefore without pain that she had to strangle in seeing his photo in a prospectus of the FN.


Karine Le Marchand responds to criticism of “Ambition intimate” : “I stings a little bit their job,”