Monday, February 6, 2017

Scary Baba Hotel : the project cinéma de Cyril Hanouna with its chroniclers of TPMP – AlloCiné

Cyril Hanouna is preparing a film, with its chroniclers Key not at my post, written by Jean-Luc Lemoine. The film is to be called the Scary Baba Hotel and could be shooting as early as this summer.

Cyril Hanouna at the cinema, it is precise ! 4 years after having announced to prepare a feature film project for the big screen, the comedian and tv presenter tells a bit more about the content of the film. According to the title -Scary Baba Hotel – it will be a comedy horror.

The story starts at the notary office where Cyril Hanouna and his band of chroniclers of TPMP are summoned. They will then learn of the death of one of their fans “the most hardcore that will leave its hotel in the countryside“. “We arrive there, and from the first evening, there was a murder, tells Cyril Hanouna, among our peers, the issuance of The media madness. in one of the chroniclers who wants to recover the entire hotel for him, so he is going to try to eliminate all the other columnists and I“.

That is what we did to God ? : Cyril Hanouna has failed to play in the film !

Cyril Hanouna continues : “It is progressing very very well, we are in the process of the write“. The shoot could take place as early as this summer, with the loyal band of contributors to Baba.

Cyril Hanouna at the cinema, it gives what ?

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