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Super Bowl 2017 : Lady Gaga calls the gathering, the advertising make politics – Europe1

This is the show of superlatives… And the first presidency Trump. The Super Bowl, which aired in the night of Sunday to Monday, the hour French time, will be between the Atlanta Falcons to the New England Patriots on the lawn of the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Some 70,000 spectators are expected in the stands, and over 110 million people in front of the small screen.

If this sports event is a must for three-quarters of Americans, the mid-time is also expected. The “Super Bowl half-time show” will host this year on stage Lady Gaga. The singer has promised not to make this show a forum, but politics could intrude in spite of everything in the show, while the United States is more divided than ever after the election and the first steps of the more controversial new republican president.

Lady Gaga called the gathering. Lady Gaga has been chosen to ensure the show the most watched in the world for nearly thirteen minutes. But the question for the singer to take advantage of this passage very media, sponsored by Pepsi, to deliver a political forum. The extravagant artist, known for his political positions, trenches, has promised to pass on a message of tolerance and gathering : “The only statements that I will make during my show are the ones that I have made consistently throughout my career,” explained Lady Gaga. “I believe in equality and the fact that the state of mind of this country is a message of love, compassion and kindness,” added the one who has never hidden his hostility to Trump.

Lady Gaga has kept the mystery about the place of her show, but she clarified that it will sing a number of songs depicting his career, and will bring several costumes. “This child who could not go and sit at the table of the cool kids, and this child who has been put out by his parents because his mother and father did not accept who he was, this child will be the stage for thirteen minutes, and I’m excited to give it to him”, she said in a press conference. One who is accustomed to surprise his audience could be joined on the stage by the crooner Tony Bennett, and Beyoncé, diva R&B accustomed to shows of the mid-time of the Super Bowl.

The political message of Beyoncé. At the Super Bowl 2016, Beyoncé, who had then assured the show alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars, had carried a strong political message in singing Training, which celebrates african-american culture and revived the legacy of the Black Panther Party. Beyoncé has discussed publicly his support for the movement Black Lives Matter, denouncing the racism of american society. Never a message also policy had been issued at the mid-time of the Super Bowl, and it has been so well applauded that disparaged.

Beyoncé interpreter Training at the Super Bowl 50 :


Control of broadcasters. to avoid any possible slippage, the american television broadcasts on a slight delay the Super Bowl since 2005 and the “scandal of the bush”. The previous year, the breast of Janet Jackson appeared live in front of millions of Americans. Justin Timberlake, with whom she shared the stage, had ripped off as a planned part of the neckline of the singer, but instead of revealing her bra, it is her breast which had been laid bare. The slippage caused a scandal among the family audience of the Super Bowl, the broadcasters now want to avoid. The Fox, the official broadcaster of the Super Bowl in 2017, will also later this year, after having refused the delivery of ads that it deems too controversial.

pubs incurred. If the policy should not have its place on stage (but with Lady Gaga, one never knows), it could well slide into the advertisements. Several advertisers, who take advantage of the Super Bowl and its millions of viewers, have planned the spots that remind of no doubt the news across the Atlantic. This is the case, among others, the brewer Budweiser, which has focused its advertising on the story of one of its founders, an immigrant German came to settle in the United States in the 19th century. The video traces the journey by boat to Adolphus Bush, and its arrival on american soil, where he is ordered to “go home”. A representative of the brand was assured that there was “no correlation with what is happening in the country” at this time, but there is no doubt that the advertising will not go unnoticed while Donald Trump farm borders the u.s. to certain immigrants.

video of the Budweiser evokes immigration :


The specialist building materials 84 Lumber company was prepared to pay $ 15 million (13.9 million euros) for the release of his spot of 90 seconds but it was retoqué by the Fox, which was considered potentially controversial. Point of support of a large recruitment campaign, we saw in the clip of the candidate separated from the company by a wall, which pointed dangerously close to the taste of the diffuser, the grand project of president Donald Trump to mark the border between the U.s. and Mexico.

similarly, the american auto industry is less present this year in the advertisements of half-time : “Nobody has been so put on the spot (by Donald Trump) that the automotive industry”, often accused of relocate all its forms, explained to the AFP Mike Bernacchi, u.s. specialist of the economy of the Super Bowl.

A Super Bowl in the earth republican. In a context of tension after the application of the measures of the new administration, the Super Bowl in 2017 will be scrutinized. The event was held this year in earth republican : Texas had largely voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election (52,60%). The quarterback iconic New England Patriots, Tom Brady, had also publicly supported Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. Another figure republican present at the Super Bowl : former president George Bush sr. is in charge of the draw before the kick-off, which will determine which team will attack first. There is no doubt that Donald Trump will follow with interest the first Super Bowl of his presidency and, who knows, splitting a small tweet like he has already been able to do with regard to political leaders, multinational corporations, or artistic personalities who opposed him.


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