Friday, February 10, 2017

M. Pokora and NLP, great forgotten Victories 2017 – West-France

This makes 32 years that it lasts, and, each time, the selection of the Victories of the music provided its share of disappointments. Shunned by the selection, some artists, yet at the top of their form, find it hard to accept their absence from the nominations unveiled following a vote of 600 professionals representing the music sector.

In 2015 on the plateau of C on France 5, Serge Lama did not hesitate to tackle severely the decision after his non-selection. “ the Victories of the Music, it no longer means much of anything. As soon as you fit in the category ” folk Song “, (cis not even bother to think of having anything, even in a dream ! “, had harangué however the artist laureate in 1987. Like Serge Lama, Matt Pokora had also lamented its absence this year. At the time, the singer was annoyed of the lack of popular artists in this great mass of the song.

M. Pokora, a regular too popular ?

Matt Pokora. (Photo : AFP)

in 2017, same player shoot again for Mr. Pokora. The pop artist with many achievements, however, has stock in the last year with her album of covers of Claude François, My Way, has already sold over 300 000 copies. This Friday night, the singer of 31 years look at the show in front of his tv set… or not.

It is on the plateau of Key not at my post on C8, the 14 January last, as the singer of Just a photo of yourself has expressed his disappointment after learning that it would not be in the running. “ no I am not named, I sell too many albums I think… When you’re too popular, you can’t ! “, had he let go, visibly annoyed.

Contacted by Tv Star, Gilles Désangles, director-general of the Victories of the music, responded to the controversy launched by the singer revealed to pop stars on the M6. “ If nis not named, cis simply becausenthere are not enough voters who have seen that lalbum M. Pokora was sufficiently remarkable to select it “, he explained. Then Laurent Didailler, the chairman of the event, add, ” this plays to some of the voices around most of the time “.

NLP, a problem of class ?

The duo of NLP on the clip Oh Lala, more than 49 million views on YouTube. (Photo : screenshot/YouTube).

A second spark was lit a few days later, following a new oblivion, the duo of rapper NLP. A large part of internet users is so indignant, and do not represent, in any of the categories, the new sensation of hip-hop in France. The two brothers, authors of the album legend (triple platinum) mixing punchlines and moods planing, nevertheless were initially pre-selected in the ” Album of song “, in the mid-Renaud, Vianney and Vincent Delerm.

But the two artists million views on YouTube decided otherwise. “ Sometimes these are the groups that are not the right bet : the rappers of NLP we have requested this year to compete for thealbum, song and refused to dbe appointed in the urban music category where they had all their chances “, tells the story of Laurent Didailler to Europe 1 to explain the gap.

The controversy has however continued to swell, and a question arises now : is it possible to win a category other than ” Music city, when you are a rapper ? In 2016, Master Gims with Undermined as never, a sound at the border between hip-hop and the variety, was open to the possibilities by winning the “best original Song of the year” in the face of Johnny Hallyday and Louane. But note that this category is one of the few to take into account the vote of the public…

A jury of professionals

as a reminder, the jury members are chosen each year by the board of directors of the Association ” Les Victoires de la musique “. For this edition, 527 members voted, 40 % of them are artists (performers, musicians, authors, composers, conductors), 40 % of the record producers and entertainment and 20 % of professional circles (agents, artists, record stores, music critics, programmers, radios). After a two round, four finalists have been nominated in thirteen different categories. The final decision took place during a vote to a tour by the same jury. Two awards not subject to this rule : the Victory of the original song of the year, and that of the group or artist revelation, both of which are chosen by the public.


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