Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Victories of the Music for 2017 bow down to the youth – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The 32nd edition of the ceremony was marked by the spectacular rejuvenation of the artists rewarded.

This year, the premium youth and the novelty will have marked the record of Victories of the Music as well as rarely in the history of the competition. With the notable exception of Renaud, who was awarded the title of male artist of the year, the other candidates all belong to the younger generation. The desire of renewal that is repeatedly expressed in the history of the awards was never so illustrated as to this thirty-second edition.

And of Jain, a true phenomenon of the last year, reaching the title of female artist as she has just celebrated his 25th birthday only, and that it has produced to the time that an album. Carried out under the leadership of Yodelice, this drive has enabled the young woman to illustrate the scenes as she paced up and down with a beautiful application, in particular in the framework of the festivals of the summer. “Thank you for this amazing year” she said, thanking the passage to his producer, moved to tears.

The original song of the year, only one class subject to the vote of the public and not for professionals, has welcomed Vianney, the interpreter of the tube I’m. A year after having won the supreme award, the young man confirms the affection to the public, while her second album continues to cavort in the head of sales since its release in late 2016. It would be competing with the tube A Kele Nta, MHD, I called, Véronique Sanson, and I tried, Amir, who represented France at the Eurovision contest last year. The young man well brought up has not failed to make long acknowledgements that have worsened a little more with the delay of 30 minutes charged by the event. After having performed her song, Imany – nominated in the category singer of the year – sent a beautiful message of support to Theo L., the young man injured as a result of police violence in Aulnay-sous-Bois. The sequence of the dear departed opened with the smiling face of Pierre Barouh. It concluded with an elegant performance of Benjamin Biolay who sang Mobilis in Mobile to honor the memory of Hubert Mounier, of the Affair Louis Trio. Sober, he praised the talents of lyricist and depth of “the one who taught him the music.”

Ibrahim Maalouf, who finished his tour in the framework of the Accor Hotel Arena, won the palme side show musical. The trumpeter confirms his insolent success, to the confines of the song, jazz, and world music, without playing the trumpet, but surrounded by many musicians. It was discovered alongside Vincent Delerm, here are several years. Walked away empty-handed this time, Delerm has performed a duet with Benjamin Biolay, walked away victorious for the album song of the year. Satisfaction also for the group Radio Elvis, one of the most beautiful revelations of the year, in a design that is rock enough to be absent that evening.

The great novelty of this program, is that young people who are distinguished already have a massive smash. Such Jul, award in the category of wobbly album of the year, “urban music”. The coronation of this rapper from marseille has been mocked on social networks. More encouraging is the victory attributed to Calypso Pink. The septuagenarian revived by Manu Chao dreamed of international success for many years. Dean of the promotion 2017, she plays with freshness the face of the musical tradition of trinidad. In electro pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, author of three albums in 2016, had to give the trophy to the young prodigy Kungs, 20 years and a success already insolent.

the most magical moments of this too-long evening, punctuated by interventions rather medium-sized of the duo of animators, has been due to the Danish Agnes Obel. Alone at the piano, she will perform Hallelujah to salute the memory of Leonard Cohen.

Twenty-five years after the release of John Cale, then Jeff Buckley, she has brought her voice to the song that summed up for many the intake of the great canadian. For a moment a solemn and moving, from an evening to a colorful and eclectic as hell. The various chapels of the French music have coexisted on an evening television, before returning to their various routes.


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