Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Should you go see Silence, the new film by Martin Scorsese ? Our opinion ! (VIDEO) – Tv Loisirs.fr

With his new film, Silence, a historical drama set in the Japan of the Seventeenth century, the filmmaker Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Shutter Island…) is continuing its questioning of religious – initiated with The Last Temptation of Christ and Kundun. Its treatment, very clean, is the polar opposite of his last film, the very cynical, hilarious and hot The Wolf of Wall Street. It must be said that the subject is just as…

in The Seventeenth century, the young Brothers, Jesuits, Rodrigues and Garupe (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver), are sent to Japan to find the father Ferreira (Liam Neeson), who guided them on the path of spirituality. Se cache-t-il ? Has he been executed ? He denied his faith to convert to buddhism, as claimed in a rumor ? They are going to have to discover it, at their own risk. Because in the land of the Rising Sun, the times of the persecution of the Christians. On the spot, the two men of the Church are faced with the Inquisition. At the slightest misstep, Rodrigues and Garupe the risk of dying drowned, burned, or crucified. This is the dismal fate that has already undergone many Japanese converts. This perilous journey is going to confront the two young missionaries to the worst torments, and the limits of their faith…

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Are you still a Christian if we abjure his religion to save his own skin or that of others, but that one continues to practice in secret ? What is more christian : to deny his faith to save the life of innocent people, or remain faithful to God and to let these innocent people die in atrocious suffering ? These are the dilemmas that Rodrigues and Garupe are going to be facing. The apostasy (renouncing public to a religion) or death (of others or even of oneself).

Martin Scorsese adopts a style very sleek, almost arid, to lead this new thinking is mystical and philosophical. A contemplative journey driven by the game full fervour of its players. In particular Andrew Garfield, who in the role of father Rodrigues, a fervent believer in the grip of the question, expressed with accuracy of these internal issues.

However, the emotions of the characters do not affect us, and this trip seems to be very long. Martin Scorsese is not here to please. His questioning mysticism, he explores during 2: 41 am movie ! This is obviously not devoid of interest, at a time when religious dogmas are asking more than ever in our world tossed to and fro. It is intelligent, beautifully photographed and dialogued, the show contains a very beautiful sequences of cinema, but it can leave a marble-those that report the faith of little interest.


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