Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tzvetan Todorov, an intellectual anti-totalitarian – The Figaro

DISAPPEARANCE – Born in Bulgaria communist, this spirit of eclecticism, died February 7, wondered about the eternal fascination of man to barbarism.

the Intellectual of international renown, he had left Bulgaria communist to Paris, city of Lights, at the age of 23 years. Tzvetan Todorov died in Paris yesterday at the age of 77 years. Author of a very prolific, he had published dozens of essays relating to linguistics, to anthropology, to the history of ideas and literature.

Tzvetan Todorov defends with enthusiasm the western democracies, never yielding to the sirens of the extreme left particularly influential in his time in the French university

Born in 1939 in Sofia, Bulgaria, he returned to France in the sixties after a stay in Paris, and became director of research at CNRS, he will be until his death. The lack of freedom and the stifling ideological will be fundamental in its awareness of intellectual and political. Marked on the left, Tzvetan Todorov will always be in the camp anti-totalitarianism, and …


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