Sylvie Jenaly, that embodies Super Nanny in the show of the same name from 2013. – J. Cauvin / NT1
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The superior audiovisual Council (CSA) shall make public on Tuesday its decision on the complaints of violence, education for the issuance of Super Nanny NT1. The authority of the audiovisual ruled on 18 January last, without raising ” of a breach of the obligations of the service TF1 and NT1 “. The organization’s address however its recommendations to the group of television and the producers of the program.

Five recommendations

In a press release, the CSA puts it, ” the impact of the shooting, the broadcast and the reruns of the show would have on young participants and the viewers “. The constable of the audiovisual makes five recommendations that it wishes to see taken into account by those responsible.

The authority recommends that, ” to ensure that the child’s behavior is not presented as the sole source of difficulty and that the child not be reduced to the problem behaviour “. But also to ” ask for the agreement of participants prior to a possible replay or a new provision of the programme (…) to take account of the development of the child “.

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A petition with 2,000 signatures

Other advice : “raise the awareness of viewers to the existence of different ways of approaching the educational process “, ” keep in mind that some parents experiencing family difficulties that are more serious could see, in the proposed guidance, solutions adapted to any conflicts instead of turning to a specialist ” and ” exercise particular vigilance vis-à-vis of scenes that are likely to interfere with the child “.

as a reminder, in November last, a petition initiated by an association defending the positive education and signed by over 2,000 people accused Sylvie Jenaly, the main intervener in Super Nanny, ” violence education “. The behavior of the professional in front of the cameras was equated with the humiliation and the physical and psychological violence.

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