Sunday, February 5, 2017

Come-back mind-blowing Patriots – 20 Minutes

New England has managed an amazing and historic turnaround to win the Super Bowl, the final of the national League of american football (NFL), face-to-Atlanta 34 to 28 in overtime Sunday in Houston.

2007: New York Giants
2008: Pittsburgh Steelers
2009: New Orleans Saints
2010: Green Bay Packers
2011: New York Giants
2012: Baltimore Ravens
2013: Seattle Seahawks
2014: New England Patriots
2015: Denver Broncos
2016: New England Patriots

clubs titrated to the story:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6
2. San Francico 49ers: 5
. Dallas Cowboys: 5
. New England Patriots: 5
5. Green Bay Packers: 4
. New York Giants: 4

New England, which has charged up to 25 points behind (28-3), now has five titles supreme to his list of victories, all won under the leadership of its quarterback and its star Tom Brady.



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