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Victoires de la Musique 2017 : Jain and Renaud sacred, the tributes to Theo – Franceinfo

Return total for Renaud, honored by the profession after having once again conquered the audience with his self-titled album, the most sold in France in 2016 (730.000 sales). The author-performer, age now 64 years of age, receives this reward major for the second time after 2003. This Victory is the sixth in all three categories. Renaud is indeed “still standing” after a seven year absence during which it had been plunged in the excesses and depression. “I thank the public, my public. Some of the voters. This Victory, I dedicate this to my team, to my son, Malone, and to my daughter, Lolita,” said the successor of Vianney at the top, a voice very tired, in a video message recorded at Nantes, where he was on tour.

Le message de Renaud, male artist of the year, at the Victoires 2017

Benjamin Biolay, named in this category with Vincent Delerm, is consoled by winning the category album of song for “Palermo Hollywood”. Before this epilogue to an evening rather long (almost four hours), the highest accolade in the female artists went to Jain. The singer, who has just celebrated his 25 years, has established itself in front of Véronique Sanson and Imany. “I have nothing prepared, I thought this would be the great Véronique Sanson who would win. I didn’t think an album also multicultural work in France,” said the one whose album “Zanaka” has been certified double platinum (200.000 sales).

Jain, singer-songwriter a native of Toulouse, and sang her pop-world in English, has done a nice doubled in winning the Victory of the clip for his song “Makeba”. She is walking in the footsteps of Christine and the Queens, who had won the same awards in 2015.

Jain and l'one of his two Victories at the Zenith, on February 10, 2017

Jain and one of his two Victories at the Zenith, on February 10, 2017

© Thomas Samson / AFP

If the coronations of Jain and Renaud were the moments as expected, the evening also saw the two speaking in support of Theo. “We must demand accountability to our elites, the police to account, to seek justice for Theo, to Adama (editor’s note : Adama Traoré, who died during his arrest in July 2016), the justice for all those whom we shall not speak, for you and for me,” quipped the singer Imany in the middle of its title “Don’t be shy”, sung live.
earlier, one of the co-directors of the movie clip of Jain, Olivier Bassuet, has called for justice in this case. “We are not bamboulas, it is all of Theo, we believe in justice”, he launched to the public in the Zenith.
meanwhile, the Victories have taken a hit of young, under the eyes of several personalities, among which Benoît Hamon, the PS candidate for the presidential election, and Audrey Azoulay, the minister of Culture, sitting alongside the rapper MC Solaar. “Th e Victories have brilliantly demonstrated the creativity and the opening up of the French music scene, which hosts the sounds and rhythms of the world and that the radiation extends well beyond our borders,” she welcomed in a press release.

Symbols from this list to be trans-generational, Calypso Rose, aka the Trinidad Linda McArtha Monica Sandy-Lewis, 76-year-old, and the franco-lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, respectively, have won Victories from the album world music and musical performance.

Among the young, Kungs, 20 years, won in the category of electronic album. Jul, 27 years old, the artist most streamé of France for the past two years, has won the category of urban music. His trophy has made creak many teeth on the social networks, many internet users criticizing the lack of NLP, considered the sensation of the moment, among the finalists in the category rap. Finally, the group Radio Elvis has picked up the album revelation, while another trio of girls this time (vocals, cello, percussion), L. E. J., has bagged the revelation scene. A sacred path for this group spotted initially in one of his videos posted on YouTube during the summer of 2015.

As for Vianney, sacred male artist in the past year, he has offered a 25-year-old only his second Victory for the original song “I’m out”. Next to these youth, the three members of Louise attaque, forties, well-packed, are among the old hands. But they rule more than ever on the rock French, since they are taxed with their album “Anomaly”.

a list of The top 32es Wins

male Artist : Renaud
female Artist: Jain
Album revelation : “The conquests”, Radio Elvis
Revelation scene : L. E. J.
Album of the songs : “Palermo Hollywood”, Benjamin Biolay
rock Album : “Anomaly” by Louise Attack
urban music Album : “My world” of Jul
Album of world music : “Far from home”, Calypso Rose
Album of electronic music or dance : “Layers”, Kungs
original Song : “I’m going to” Vianney
Spectacle musical/Tournée/Concert : Ibrahim Maalouf
Video Clip : “Makeba” Jain

who were the appointed victories 2017

male Artist : Benjamin Biolay, Vincent Delerm, Renaud

female Artist : Imany, Jain, Véronique Sanson

Album revelation :
“The heart of me”, Amir
“Claudio Capeo”, Claudio Capeo
“The conquests”, Radio Elvis

Revelation scene : Broken Back, L. E. J., Midnight

Album :
“&”, Julien Doré
“catch a dream”, Christophe Maé
“Palermo Hollywood”, Benjamin Biolay

rock Album :
“Anomaly,” by Louise Attack
“Mystery”, of The Woman
“Sebolavy”, Mickey 3D

urban music Album :
“Hera”, Giorgio
“My world”, Jul
“On the razor’s edge”, Kool Shen

Album of world music :
“Far from home”, Calypso Rose
“Music of France”, Acid Arab
“Not so,” Rokia Traore

Album of electronic music or dance :
“Electronica 2 : the heart of noise”, by Jean-Michel Jarre
“Layers”, Kungs
“Woman”, of Justice

original Song :
“kele nta”, MHD (lyrics Mohamed Sylla, music of Dany Synthe and DSK on the beat)
“And I still call” Véronique Sanson (words of Véronique Sanson, music, Medi Benjelloun)
“I have sought”, Amir (words of Amir Haddad, music by Nazim Khaled, and Johan Errami)
“I’m going”, Vianney (words of Vianney Office, music by Vianney Bureau and Clément Ducol)

Spectacle musical/Tournée/Concert : Jain, Ibrahim Maalouf, Nekfeu

Video :
“Coward”, by Yael Naim (directed by Paul van Haver, alias Stromae, Luke Jr Tam and Martin Scali)
“Makeba”, Jain (directed by Greg &Lio)
“The Missing”, Cassius (produced by Iconoclast and We are from L. A.)


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