Cyril Hanouna is currently writing the script of ” Scary Baba Hotel “. – 20 Minutes
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Yes, you read that right, Cyril Hanouna could launch themselves into the film. The facilitator announced that it was working on a full-length film project that would bring together the whole band of Key not at my post. In a radio interview for the show media madness, the king of the paf has even given a few details on the script he was writing with his columnist Jean-Luc Lemoine, and this promises to be exciting.

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” It’s going to be very funny, assured Cyril Hanouna. It is convened at the notary. It puts us in a movie and this is a guy saying that he has watched all his life, that we loved, that we were her only family, all that… “. No luck for him, the “fanzouze” in question is deceased and he decided to bequeath his country-house hotel in the strip of TPMP. “We arrive there, and from the first evening, there was a murder. There is one of the columnists who die. Someone wants to pick up the hotel just for him. “, explained Cyril Hanouna.

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the shooting of The film, simply titled Scary Baba Hotel, could start this summer, even if the facilitator has conceded that sticking to this schedule would ” be very hard “. It is already over, looking forward to the release of this masterpiece announced.

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