Monday, February 6, 2017

Cyril Hanouna is preparing his own film : “Scary Baba Hotel” – The Huffington Post

CULTURE – all night live on C8 in the “Key not at my post”, it seems that it is no longer sufficient to Cyril Hanouna and his team. The famous host responded on 4 February to the questions of Valentin Mestre, a fan of 17 years, who hosts a radio show on the internet called “media madness”. The young man has had the honor to get an exclusive information on the part of “Baba.”

It is on this web-radio that Cyril Hanouna has confirmed to prepare a film with the team of TPMP. In the company of two friends, including Jean-Luc Lemoine, the facilitator writes his scenario for months, and it’s coming “very well,” he said. Between the thriller and the comedy, his feature-length film, named “Scary Baba Hotel”, would be a “Scary Movie” to the French.

Don’t expect the Spielberg, Cyril Hanouna announces from the outset that the storyline will be “very simple” but “very funny”. The roll of the film already appears to be stopped because the moderator has detailed Valentine Mestre: Convened at the notary, the team of TPMP learns that a fan of the easy is dead and that he inherited from his hotel to the campaign. The plot then looks like a game of Cluedo: “We arrive there, we are all in the hotel, and from the first evening there was a murder. It’s called ‘Scary Baba Hotel’,” said Hanouna.

No release date is yet scheduled, but the filming is close. The anchorman star to the Canal+ group wants to turn his work before the summer. “It’s going to be a little hard, but we will try!”. The fanzouzes cross your fingers. After all, Cyril Hanouna started to have a small expertise in on the 7th item Since “The truth si je mens 3″ in 2012, he turned in “The New adventures of Alladin” and “Pattaya”.

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