Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Cesar 2017 without a president after the withdrawal of Roman Polanski – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Roman Polanski will not be replaced: the 42nd ceremony of the César will take place without the president, on the 24th of February, after the withdrawal of the filmmaker, under pressure from women’s associations, has settled on Saturday, the Academy, the host of the great annual rendez-vous with French cinema.

The director of the franco-Polish 83-year-old had waived there are 12 days this function is purely honorary, while the critics were on the rise because of the prosecution which it is subject in the United States for the past 40 years for the alleged rape of a minor.

“It was proposed to person for reasons that you will soon find. It will be assumed, and the hustle and bustle that you have seen,” pointed out Saturday, the producer Alain Terzian, president of the Academy of sciences and techniques of the cinema, opening with the traditional “lunch of the named” together in a grand parisian restaurant, most of the 177 actors, directors and technicians in the running.

on The 25th of January, by unveiling the nominees, Alain Terzian told AFP that the designation of Roman Polanski “was the undisputed choice”.

“Saluting” one of the greatest figures of world cinema”, he had explained that “it was just the look on the artists and their work”. “I respect all the comments and I don’t associate with any controversy,” he said.

Shortly after the announcement of the choice by Polanski to the presidency, a petition had been launched on the social networks for his impeachment, collecting several tens of thousands of signatures, as well as a call for a boycott of the ceremony.

The minister of Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, was judged to be the choice of the filmmaker “surprising and shocking”.

Denouncing a controversial “unjustified” and “powered by information quite wrong”, Roman Polanski had finally “decided not to respond to the invitation”.

- Replacement complicated -

Naturalized French since 1976, the director of the “dance of the vampires”, “Tess”, “the Pianist” or “Rosemary’s Baby”, which has received numerous awards across the world, including several of Caesar, is still being prosecuted by the american justice for the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl in 1977.

It is never returned to the United States since fleeing in 1978.

Since the cessation of Polanski, it seemed difficult to find a chairman of substitution. At noon Saturday, and the announcement of a ceremony, finally, no president has been welcomed by the majority of the appointed, even if none of them wanted to speak publicly.

Nicole Garcia, and François Ozon, in the running for the César for best director for “Hurt-stone” and “Frantz”, Omar Sy, Pierre Deladonchamps and Nicolas Duvauchelle, compete for the César for best actor for “Chocolate”, “Son of John” and “I’m not a stinker”, were among the guests of the lunch of the named.

Major absentee, Isabelle Huppert, in the running for the César for best actress for “It” from Paul Verhoeven, but also for an Oscar on February 26, has returned to Hollywood to campaign.

“A nomination for the César is already a great reward. I am really excited for the movie released there has already been a year,” said Omar Sy. Already named three times, Nicolas Duvauchelle said he is ‘happy and proud to be in the competition for the first time as best actor”.

In addition to a “diploma”, each named received a small guide of tips in the event of victory, in particular for the acknowledgements of use often too long. The Academy has decided for the first time to impose a strict time limit for the 42nd ceremony, which will take place at the Salle Pleyel, in Paris.


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