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Alice Pol: A success soon dizzy – Paris Match

Dany Boon is ” raid crazy “… After it is revealed in ” Supercondriaque “, she is the star of his new film.

This January morning, we are waiting for Alice Pol for thirty minutes at The Charlotte de l’isle, a small tea room on the island of Saint-Louis. There is a concern. “I’m still wrong “, apologize in joining us. She waited patiently at the bar next door. In his haste, she tucks her long wool scarf in the door. The tall blond with one black shoe is a woman, it is clear ! Dany Boon is confident : “The first day of filming of “Supercondriaque” in 2013, Alice Pol arrived completely flipped.

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sitting up, she pulled down his mug of tea in the porte-documents on the whereabouts of my script and my notes. There I saw Pierre Richard in the feminine. “The filmmaker has made the heroine of his latest film,” Raid crazy.” In the duo, she obviously plays the character in the distraction chronic weight all the situations. “In reading the scenario, I was in heaven, even if I initially panicked. A quarter of an hour after, I called Dany. “

a story of A thief ? What to take advantage of his training for the Raid… Thanks to him, Alice could escape without a problem by the balcony. “Like me, she is very physical with a side of clown,” says Boon. © Vincent Capman

Johanna Pasquali, fliquette clumsy, dream of integrating the elite corps of the Raid. His desire to do well will not compensate, alas, his disabilities. But, since she is the daughter of the minister of the Interior, Johanna goes to do her classes in the prestigious unit. And Alice will drink a toast… ” To take this role, it took me six months of preparation. I am rather cheese, red wine, and discussions between friends over time, I had to put myself in the plan, I go to bed and get up early. “Four days a week, she has an appointment in a weight room in the Eleventh district, which belongs to Alain Figlarz, mr. stunts during the filming. “Down there, there was only guys. It smelled of stress and old leather. The first week, not an ounce of my body has not escaped the pain. Atrocious ! During training sessions of boxing, I’m stuck, all alone, a right to the jaw. But I am clinging with all my strength. He also had to survive the atmosphere virile of the room. Alain, the coach, sometimes spoke a little harshly. I had the chin that trembled, but I held out. “

Like her character, Alice is a stubborn. Never give up is one of his mantras founders. Yet, this girl elevated in Marseille, whose father is a surgeon, visceral and digestive, and not minister, saw the foundations of his confidence are laminated by the school. “The first day, I was doing a party. The second, I was bored already and it lasted until graduation. “Tray as it gets, with mention, all the same. “Has 14 years old, the theatre course I have saved her from the loneliness in which I locked myself. I found myself ugly and dumb. Everything was intense : the boredom, the despair, the anxiety. The hair in the eyes, kind large pole uncomfortable in his skin, I enroulais in sweaters XL which exhaled no sensuality. Go on the stage prevented me to cogitate, to fully dissect. In class, there was too much free time, this cavalait in my head. The stress of everyday life and the anxiety of the future… I was shattered. “During this difficult period of adoles cence, two supporters of quality accompany it : Marcel Pagnol, from which it devours all the work, and Renaud, to whom she listens in a loop since childhood. The level of language of the one and the banter insolent to the other the glare. She decided to become an actress. In Paris, where she landed after her graduation from high school, this passion for words will save it. The refusal does not deplete. “I had no ego, no pride. I was told that I was too round, too brown, too tall, too young or pretty. Each "no", I return with a smile, as if nothing had happened. This lasted five years. “And then, when she has had enough of the closed doors, small jobs are badly paid, she decides with her best friend, Hugo Gonzales, mount a comedy written when she was 19 years old,” It’s all right… or vice versa.” Alice, who is the first role, can finally show the breadth of his talent. The play, performed in 2012 at the Théâtre Michel, toured and won a great success. But, most importantly, Dany Boon, who has known Alice during the filming of” A perfect plan “, by Pascal Chaumeil, comes to see him and offers him the main female role of ” Supercondriaque “. Since then, the filmmaker is full of praise. “There are few women with such a nature comic, who dare to go as far as it. “

at the End of the episode : the dérobeuse took advantage of his loot into another suite at the hotel Le Meurice. It would now also of the chandelier… Was 34 years old, Alice is agree for all scenarios. © Vincent Capman / Paris Match

As the very clumsy heroine of ” Raid crazy “, Alice Pol believes more in work than in inspiration. “I am more than a bosseuse, a fierce. Even when I was doing the numbers and that I seldom had to open a door, I repeated and repeated. I don’t want to make my Belmondo, but I’m hyperfière not to have been doubled. I wanted to be at the height of the confidence of Dany. “The role of the Alexandrine Zola, in” Cézanne and me “, she had already read all the books from the one in which she played the wife. She needed to understand the motivations of this young woman, born in a modest background, who clings to penetrate and then remain in that of her husband. Has 34 years old, she even thinks she at the wedding ? “Not really. I’m with someone, it is the beginning… Then, inevitably, it is good. But I’m not looking to commit myself too early. If we start to settle into a certain comfort, we lose the niaque, one falls a sleep. I am given so much trouble to gain access to the small square that I made myself ! And then, I am loving my freedom. Very small, I was already dreaming of the time where I could decide alone. It is made of. The couple, it is good when we live like Michele Morgan and Gerard Oury, each in his apartment. Privacy at any price, any share, loving together,, that makes me feel swell. I don’t dream of a conventional middle-class life, it stops me from playing. “The reputation would she have doubts as to the sincerity of the feelings of others ? “I have friends always around me, they form a foundation on which I rely. Side feelings, I trust my intuition. “Was it that, in the absence of pay sheets, and status solid, has had to live for years in sub-locations, the success and the money could finally afford to do the projects…” I don’t like paperwork, then I praise. Tomorrow, everything can stop. For the moment, I live in the present. “

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Be part of the Raid, the time of the shooting, he at least gave healthy habits ? Not really ! “The movie just ended, I found myself avachie in my sofa in front of the tv, a glass of wine in hand. The 170 agents that make up the Raid, there are only three women. I have an admiration crazy for them, which must follow an intense workout. “Without air, Dany has given quite a boost to the cause of women, and the actresses. It was missing an action-comedy that gives the primary role to a woman. “Raid crazy” is the first. The distracted is a strong head and no one is near to learn to walk the walk.

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