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“Silence” : Martin Scorsese examines the faith – Franceinfo

This is the film of a 74 year old man that young has failed to be a priest and who has caused a scandal, with “The last temptation of Christ” in 1988. Today, Marin Scorsese was appeased, he said he is catholic non-practicing and questions the very notion of faith. Its weapon: doubt. Who is right ? These two young jesuit priests who go to Japan in search of their master disappeared and share the martyrdom of the japanese converted to christianity ? Or the local leaders who are torturing them to renounce their religion, the figurehead of colonialism ? Martin Scorsese the christian wants to understand the other point of view.

The father Ferreira, played by Andrew Garfield sees his brothers subjected to torture. If they surrender to God, they will be pardoned. He called to God, but there was only silence in return. In this long movie of 2 hours and 40 minutes, this martyrdom is drawn, but the last part is captivating : the exchanges between the priest played by Andrew Garfield and his captors japanese people have the debate on the faith of a summit of cinema.

Since his childhood godly, the path has been long and winding : there has been a period of excess, the doubt, but today, this is a man who considers you his very personal way of being a believer : “I have the impression of being by making movies, he explains. in The rituals are very important. Making a movie is a ritual : it is very interesting, you learn patience. If you do not participate in a ritual, if you do not want to be linked to political points of view, you need to act from this basic idea of moral concept fundamental. You need to work on it, live it every day.”

Martin Scorsese : “I think that it is necessary to return to the basic idea of religion : compassion and altruism”

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It is, according to him, in the life of all the days that are the fundamentals of the religion, compassion, altruism, concern for the other : “I think that it is necessary to return to the basic idea of the religion : compassion and altruism. It is difficult when one is hungry and that one is taking your land, but I really think the biggest revolution would be in the care of others. It sounds like a utopia… or a bad song from the sixties ! We play the guitar and go ! We need a readjustment complete, a true commitment to the basic concepts of the religion.”

When he discovers this story, this is the book of a jesuit from the japanese, in 1989, he does not know how to deal with it. And it is true that the cast which he thought is necessarily different today. Andrew Garfield, who has lost a lot of weight to play the role is in the performance, maybe too much, but to see Liam Neeson, who plays father Ferreira, the one that the two young priests seek, in a register far removed from its usual hollywood blockbusters is very pleasing and the japanese actors are excellent : Yoshi Oida and Asano Sato, seen recently in Harmonium. Yes, the film is long, slow in its first part. It is a classic very beautiful. And, especially, film like Scorsese this philosophical debate, spiritual, faith, commitment, situating it in its political context, of a clash of cultures, is a fascinating, jubilant. And very rare on the big screen.

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