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Karine Le Marchand unhappy to be on a tract of Marine Le Pen – Le Parisien

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An image from the show “the ambition of intimate” is used in a tract of the national Front.

C‘is in Lyon Marine Le Pen gives this weekend the kick-off of his presidential campaign. During these “Foundation presidential”, she is set to defend his project in a speech. But the president of the national Front has also chosen to play a card more personal with a tract entitled “Navy chair”.

Pages 2 and 3, Marine Le Pen has offered its support to the discover “the way I am”. The candidate for the presidential election there, praises her “feminine sensibility” which “leads to better perceive the injustice”.We learn, for example, that the candidate of the FN has had three children in a year.

Surprise, Karine The Merchant figure as a guest-star in this document. A photo, taken from the show “the ambition of intimate” shows the presenter cheering with Marine Le Pen in a number broadcast by M6 in October last year.

Karine Le Marchand has not given his / her permission

“Very reluctant to expose his private life, the Navy has agreed to participate in the program “ambition intimate” with the desire to be better known, that is to say, as it really is”, is it written under this photo. “Before the election of a responsible bearer of a political project, it shall elect a person.”

This appearance has not brought joy Karine Le Marchand, who seems not to have been aware of. “This photo after my issue was published on your flyers Marine le Pen without my permission,” said the announcer on Twitter. “Please remove it immediately”.

The national Front has opposed a no-go, recalling that the image used is a screen capture of a show in which MLP (Marine Le Pen) was involved”. “We are in our right,” assured the party on Twitter. Explanations that have convinced Karine Le Marchand. “Since this is a screen shot that is perfectly accurate”, she estimated. And the facilitator to thank the party frontiste.

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