Friday, February 10, 2017

Victories of the music : where are the old ? – The Parisian

The 32nd ceremony takes place this evening live on France 2. Apart from Renaud and Véronique Sanson, the nominees are before any of the young artists.

Owhere are the women ” wondered Patrick Juvet forty years ago. Tonight, we will sing, rather, “Where are the old” Victoires de la musique. The cast of the 32e ceremony, which was broadcast on France 2 at 20: 55, presented by Bruno Guillon and Thomas Thouroude and irrigated pellets humorous of the duo Madénian and Thomas VDB, makes beautiful to the young artists. We can only rejoice in the arrival in force and the media coverage of a new generation, but, apart from Renaud and Véronique Sanson, one wonders where are past Christophe and his album ” Remnants of chaos “, just as huge tour of the Insus ? (ex-Phone), which were marked by 2016.

The director general of Victories, Gilles Desangles, and the president, Laurent Didailler (label Pias), also regret the absence of Christophe. “We offered him a Victory of honor, but he was unfortunately denied,” admits Gilles Desangles. “I’m not dead,” replied Christophe. Suddenly, the evening will run without a Victory of honor, but with a number of tributes to the missing of the past year, including one of Benjamin Biolay to his friend Hubert Mounier, of the Affair Louis Trio, and Agnes Obel to Leonard Cohen.

Rarely games have been as open as this year, where 32 different artists are nominated in twelve categories. Only Jain can come away with three statuettes, Benjamin Biolay and Véronique Sanson, with two. For the team Wins, the rejuvenation has three explanations.

A new generation in power

On the 32 artists in the running, half of it has emerged in the last three years. “Vianney, who went directly from revelation two years ago to the artist of the year in 2016, it is a telltale sign, for Gilles Desangles. There is a passing of the baton for three years. Jain to Amir, Jul to Giorgio, a new song French-bred, and this creates a big emulation. There is a return of the variety. “” One is experiencing the same phenomenon at the Victoires de la musique classique, adds Laurent Didailler. They also have the talent, ambition and a solidarity, which makes them move faster. “

The voting system has changed

The college of the voters has not changed. It is always of 600 professionals, from record companies, producers of entertainment media. “What has changed in the past three years, it is the behavior of the voters, who make bets on the future,” said Gilles Desangles. We allow them to listen to all the albums on the platform Deezer and vote is really for what they like. The old system favored the most famous artists. Suddenly, we have 88 % participation, 10 % more than last year, which is huge. “

The producers are pushing their babies

Without giving more power to the record companies, it is logical that they vote for their new artists. “If it makes a performance spectacular, it feels like in the hours following, reminiscent of Gilles Desangles. Listen to them streaming on the rampage, the concerts are filling up, the sales start… We saw it with Christine & the Queens, Vianney, Jain, or Jane Added, for which there has been a Victory ! “

” The record companies have re-appropriated the Victories and work with their artists not to miss this exceptional exhibition before an audience of nearly 3 million viewers “, adds Laurent Didailler, who has prepared an original performance with the group Radio Elvis, who was selected in the category of album révélation that it produces within its label, “This is their first tv appearances in prime time,” says he.

Our victories with us

male Artist : Renaud. he Is 64 years old, the most unexpected and happy discoveries.

female Artist : Jain. A revelation already become one of the stars of the year.

Album revelation :” The Conquests ” of Radio Elvis. A trio magnetic between rock and song.

Revelation scene : Broken Back, a pop electro cheering on disc and bouncing in concert.

Album :” Palermo Hollywood ” by Benjamin Biolay. one of The greatest drives of his career in the resonances of Latin.

rock Album :” Anomaly ” from Louise attaque. A back blazing after eight years of absence.

urban music Album : “Hera” of Georgio. A disk between rap and slam, which doesn’t let go.

Album of world music :” Far From Home ” by Calypso Rose. A singer of 76-year-old coming from Trinidad touched by grace.

Album of electronic music :” Layers ” of Kungs. The new little genius French electro.

original Song :” I tried ” by Amir. The tube that reconciles us with the Eurovision.

Concert or musical :Ibrahim Maalouf Red and Black Light. By completing and returning Bercy, the trumpeter has put everyone of agreement.

Clip :” Makeba ” Jain by Greg & Leo. the video, The most original and sparkling of the year.


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