Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Case Theo : after a skid homophobic, Canteloup apologies – The Parisian

Referring to the case of Theo, was seriously injured in the rectum following an interpellation violent in Aulnay-sous-Bois, the impersonator has made a very bad joke, on Wednesday morning, on radio Europe 1.

Mess a week after the arrest violent for the young Theo, in the cité des 3000 Aulnay-sous-Bois, Nicolas Canteloup has provoked a wave of indignation on Wednesday morning, after his column “The journal of almost”, on Europe 1.

in The aftermath of the visit of François Hollande at the bedside of the young man, maimed in the rectum by a blow from a nightstick, telescopic, the imitator decides to bring up the topic with the voice of the president of the Republic (5’00″ in the document below). “The role of the police, this is not to put batons on the buttocks, he begins. Now, I want to speak to the gay population of this country, a population which is close to me heart.”

Uneasiness on the shelf

It is at this time that the Canteloup out of control, for the first time : “I wanted to tell them this : friends are gay, this is not the money, not to seek a two-room apartment on the Aulnay centre, the police do not start more. It was an accident, not a common practice on Aulnay-sous-bois”. Malaise on the board. However, the facilitator Julie Leclerc does not react and continues the interview of the fake Holland.

A little later, following the script, the that recovery even Canteloup on the subject : “And for this young Theo, what is it that you are going to do to him ?” The imitator, did not budge. “I have made it possible for gay marriage, he replied. So with this episode of the baton, if Theo, after reflection, discovers feelings for the police officer that he brought the nightstick… well they will be able, through me, to marry legally !”

“Stop, these are serious facts, pretended to be indignant Julie Leclerc. No no, you do not mess with it.”

writing Europe 1 “indignant”

indeed, difficult to joke with such a subject. As a reminder, Theo, a victim of rape, is in hospital for serious injury to the anus, rectum and colon, resulting in 60 days of total Interruption of work (ITT). That Canteloup imply that gay men would be raped, and tearing up the rectum by a baton telescopic has to be shocking. Shortly after the broadcast, mercerdi morning, the society of editors “Europe 1″ has expressed his outrage on Twitter. “Discomfort real within the editorial,” one can read.

in the Face of the outcry provoked by its number, homophobic, Nicolas Canteloup and his team have finally apologized in the morning, evoking a “very big slip” :

A word of excuse which does not convince that half. How such slippage could it be “obviously unintentional”, as the apology claims, while the sketches are not improvised but co-written by a team of authors before being played to the antenna and that the comedian was, therefore, ample time to become acquainted with ?

AUDIO. The “review” almost everything ” of Nicolas Canteloup on 8 February (Europe 1 has removed the video version of his Dailymotion account) :


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