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“Do not do it do not do it” : Everything you didn’t know about Guillaume de Tonquédec – Gala

on the occasion of the broadcast on France 2 of the ultimate season of do not Do it do not do it, Guillaume de Tonquédec, the actor césarisé for her performance in first name, is the type to be discreet, not to say secret. Also casual to the city that it can be rigid in the roles that he composed on the screen, it has agreed to participate in a portrait ping-pong !

Gala : If you were a red carpet who would you like to be trampled ?
Guillaume de Tonquédec : The feet of Marilyn Monroe.

Gala : If you were a color ?
G. T. : The deep blue. Color of the sea with all its mysteries.

Gala : If you had to draw the line ?
G. T. : I would say a hyphen. I love that things are going well. I am a gatherer.

Gala : If you were a scene from a movie ?
G. T. : The final scene of life is beautiful Capra. I cry rarely in cinema, by modesty -I’m always afraid that the room will turn back on too early-but there, yes. It happened to me also with Billy Elliot when the little boy succeeds in his contest.

Gala : If you need to change a trait of your character ?
G. T. : Like I hate the conflict, this may lead me to not solve some problems, not to do the front. A form of cowardice that I share with a lot of men, I think !

Gala : what ressembleriez you stroke for stroke ?
G. T. : A boat that leaves to the sea. The crossing is beautiful, the water is beautiful and then, from time to time, it is the storm. I love being on the water and in the face of an element as powerful, you can not lie, one can only be oneself. The day of my wedding, my father-in-law has had these words : “Bring on the water, but the sea is not too strong “. I found that it was a very beautiful image. And a council so fair and gracious on his part that I have never forgotten !

Gala : If you were a regret ?
G. T. : When I make choices, I committed to it fully. If this is going less well than I had hoped, I do not regret. The only one that I could have this is the time that passes, because I’d like to do more things. At the same time, if it was not, we would do maybe less, and it is emmerderait !

Gala : If you were a word ?
G. T. : I put three : bubble of champagne. Joy.

Gala : If you were a dream ?
G. T. : This is hard… I have a desire of calming, harmony, happiness. I’d like to put all the people I love on a cloud in the shape of a boat and travel all together ! I dream of something joyful and serene.

Gala : If you were a combat ?
G. T. : to kill the bad faith. I know, there’s a lot of work, it is a long fight, but it is something that baffles me completely. Perhaps because of my upbringing…

Gala : That is to say ?
G. T. : My parents are catholic, I don’t know if this has a link, but in any case, honesty has always been a core value in the family. Suddenly I’m distraught by the bad faith that very often I do not unmask until later.

Gala : If you were a souvenir ?
G. T. : The first applause, or the first laugh when I played at the theatre in front of friends. As I was extremely shy, I never thought I would one day be able to attract the attention on me. And I became a comedian ! This is the height ! Or the paradox of the actor exactly, who shows himself by hiding behind the words of someone else.

Gala : If you were an emotion ?
G. T. : The laugh born of rightness. The laughter of amazement, pleasure.

Gala : If you were a fan ?
G. T. : I have a tendency to admire people who impress me in the good sense of the term. If I had David Bowie in front of me for example, I think that I fondrais ! I would not even dare asking for an autograph !

Gala : If you were a BO ?
G. T. : All of the music of the years 70/80, the music of the day : Abba, Supertramp, Pink Floyd…

Gala : If you were a stroke of genius ?
G. T. : Victor Hugo. He knew everything : he wrote beautifully, he was a man of political exceptional, he also made drawings and left poems heartbreaking.

Gala : If you were a hyphen ?
G. T. : I put all. And especially between life and death, to say that death is perhaps not so serious, this is the end of something, of course, but if one has lived well, the hyphen with the death will be sweeter.

Gala : If you had to pass the ring finger ?
G. T. : It is already done. Has my wife, 22 years ago. A lot of people scoff at the oath of marriage, there is a question of tradition, of course, but when you love someone why not tell him in an official way ? All that I find that marriage has a virtue : it protects the person who makes the request. The day I disparaitrai, my wife will have some form of protection. And that, it is also a way of saying ” I love you “. But of course, the most beautiful proof of love, it is to make and raise children together.

Gala : If you were to put a crown on what head would you ask them ?
G. T. : On that of my mother. I’ve been lucky to always have my mom –that I embrace you tenderly in the passage. My father was an engineer, he has also done the audio-visual training and I was his first actor in institutional films. I became a comedian under the watchful eye of my parents and when I play in front of an audience, it is also for them that my heart is beating, even if they are not present in the room -they now live in Britain. We had conflicts – which was not my case – or not with his parents, it is always them that we want to move in the first place. And this is not always easy.

photo Credits : Ugo RICHARD


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