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It reproduces the trailer for Star Wars 7 … Lego! – The Obs

“It took me forever.” A Star Wars fan reproduced The official trailer of episode 7 of the saga, out Friday in … and Lego stop-motion!

titanic work done in a few hours. “I had nothing to do [Friday] So after the trailer came out, I started to build the Millennium Falcon, the [battleship] X-Wing [...], all devices, and then I met all my figures, “says the author of the video, hidden behind the pseudonym” Snooperking “on his YouTube page.

And the resemblance is stirring

Star Wars VII: the trailer finally unveiled LeNouvelObservateur

Snooperking says he finished his film in the night from Friday to Saturday after more than 12 hours. It must post the video quickly because Saturday is expected to her grandparents.

On his return, the video has already been viewed more than 500,000 times. Sunday night at 22 pm French time, the trailer version of Lego has been viewed nearly 1.4 million times!

“Shit!” is enthusiastic Snooperking. “In addition it is not so well done that! I thought the special effects were zero, but thank you for your nice comments!”


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7 Star Wars: The decrypted trailer, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon and sword … –

The fans worldwide have discovered the trailer for Star Wars 7 a minute twenty-eight, but which will certainly boost the wildest speculation about the revival of galactic saga. m offers you to make the point with this article decryption . It all starts with a shot of sand dunes, maybe Tatooine, the planet where Anakin and Luke Skywalker grew up. A voice announces that something woke up in strength, and suddenly racing! A man dressed in Stormtrooper, the soldiers of the empire, appears looked completely panicked, followed by a plan of a curious rolling droid. Then we discover a squad of Stormtroopers other, ready to take action! Perhaps they pursue the woman that later we see. Because it also does not seem serene. There is also with great pleasure the famous vessels X-Wing, emblematic of the saga, in a superb plan skimming. Change of scenery arises when a dark figure in a snowy forest. She pulls a lightsaber with a guard, red! This is the dark side that comes to wake up. But the bright side, with the Millennium Falcon and extraordinary Star Wars theme. The recent leak of the official teaser of Star Wars 7 seems to be a fake, since we do not find this scene in this first trailer of the wise initiated by Lucasfilm.

 Star Wars 7, awakens the force, trailer, strength wakes, dark vapor, skywalker, x wing, tie fighter, millenium falcon, Tatooine
The Return of the Dark Side

What can we deduce? Well in the meantime a little more full trailer, we have some first valuable information on this seventh episode. First, it is clear that the death of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader of his disciple, will not have enough to destroy the empire. The plot of Star Wars 7 will be certainly faces a result of the confrontation between the rebel Republic and Imperial forces . This is supported by the finale, where we see the Millennium Falcon struggling with Tie-Fighter, Imperial ships episodes 4 through 6. Side characters, we finally see little faces, and no known head. The man of the desert, or the woman on his speeder, they are among the main characters? The mystery also remains with the new villain, which can be seen that the new lightsaber model. But we have already discovered some key points of Star Wars 7, as we expected yesterday. One thing is certain, the battle between good and evil already looks epic! What did you think of this first trailer?


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“Star Wars 7″, “Jurassic World”, trailers or traitors lures? – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

Image of the seventh installment of the saga & quot; Star Wars & quot ;, & quot; The Force Awakens & quot ;, by JJ Abrams (2015).

No one knows what time on Friday 28 November, the trailer for Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens ( Star Wars 7, the awakening of the strength ) will be online. Initially, these few seconds of galactic images had been announced on the big screens of thirty US theaters. Then, the Twitter account of Star Wars has relieved the mortals living too far from these holy places: <- snippet atom ->

After the launch of the teaser on the site of iTunes, simple agacerie, as its name suggests, the time comes trailer, the real trailer of the JJ Abrams film produced by Disney. And then exit on 18 December 2015. Finally, perhaps in 2016, a spectator disappointed attack the studio for false advertising, as did a fan after watching Ryan Gosling Drive , on the faith of his trailer. She thought she saw a rehash of Fast and Furious , she discovered a film by Nicolas Winding Refn.

80% of disappointed spectators

This is the trailer wrong a lot, often anyway. A recent study by the British University of East Anglia shows that 80% of spectators were disappointed at least once after going to see a feature on the strength of his trailer.

Work, including all the results have not yet been published, was conducted in 2013 and focused, among other things, the trailer for the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Spectators regretted that the band. -Private reveals the essential elements of the plot, and raises expectations that the vision of the whole film would disappoint.

An American film directed by Colin Trevorrow, & quot; Jurassic World & quot; (2015).

The manufacturers of trailers are caught between two conflicting imperatives. They need to raise awareness of the film and install a sense of familiarity is what is taught all marketing schools. At the same time, the audience, as evidenced by the study of the UEA, hate spoilers.

They hate also fades to black that mark now all trailers of big productions, such as Jurassic World? And are tired of thundering voice that make the most futile entertainment apocalyptic prophecy, as shown on this website the recent issue of Contrechamp?

The answer in the next steps of the British university study. Unless you did not want to give it in the comments of this article.


Dean of the British thriller PD James died – Actualitté.com

On the morning of Thursday, November 27, writer and dean of British crime fiction PD James has died at the age of 94. She died “ peacefully at his home in Oxford ‘, his hometown, said the publishing house Faber & amp; Faber relaying the news of his family. She leaves behind a rich work of twenty novels.

Credits: Random House

Phyllis Dorothy James White, his full name, was born August 3, 1920 in Oxford. His first book, Cover Her Face ( A face covered in VO), was published in 1962. The title introduces its most iconic recurring character, Inspector Adam Dalgliesh , of Scotland Yard.

His latest novel published Death Comes to Pemberley ( Death sits at Pemberley ), was published in 2011, and many of his books have been adapted for television in the British series but also American. She has sold more than 2 million copies during his career.

In addition, she also worked for the BBC, in the public service on behalf of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Ministry of British interior, and was magistrate prior to 1984. For his works, the Queen has ennobled Baroness in early 1990


Sources The Bookseller, The Guardian

To further



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Asterix and Obelix still take relief – Press Centre

The two most famous Gaul in the world return to the cinema in “The Mansions of the Gods”, a 3D film that gives a new dimension to their adventures.

J e am amazed before such work. The tribute is signed Albert Uderzo, micro Europe 1. The French cartoonist, creator of the comic book series Asterix with René Goscinny , was full of praise about the latest in the world of the famous Gauls, A Sterix: The Mansions of the Gods , film adaptation of the eponymous album released there forty -Three years.

A report innovator, a conserved mind

Released Wednesday in theaters, the animated film made face a daunting challenge: to forget the twelve adaptations already completed. To do this, the two directors, Louis Clichy, an animator who passed by Pixar has worked on Up There or Ratatouille and Alexandre Astier, creator of the humorous medieval series “Kaamelott” were inspired by an album never adapted.
For Alexandre Astier, this opus “ lent itself very well to cinema,” saying in the press release of the film, have want a ” real villain – in this case Caesar. – whose strategy is totally Machiavellian “
Rather than use force to overcome this village of indomitable Gauls, Emperor of the tent integrating the Roman world by building near a luxurious residential area reserved for Roman owners.
“I found that with the Asterix license, which is very strong, there remained something innovative to do” says Louis Clichy. After a series of films in which they were played by actors in the flesh, Asterix and Obelix return and form of synthetic images in 3D for the first time since their creation.
“The most interesting is when the relief is used to immerse ourselves a little more in the cartoon” says Alexandre Astier, not be disappointed with the final result: “It is in a cartoon world, but with a high level of detail in textures, grain and patina on clothing. “

” I do not see how we can make stronger “

If the accommodation has an aesthetic resolutely contemporary, it retains the spirit and humor of the Asterix universe, multiple readings. “I have understood you” of the head and Abraracourcix longer speak to adults and children as new facets of the characters, encamped among other players such as Roger Carel (Asterix), Guillaume Briat ( Obelix) Lorànt Deutsch (Anglaigus, the Roman architect) or Alain Chabat (Senator Prospectus) were used.
“We wanted to make a little defeatist Asterix, and that was all the more Interestingly it’s hard to play with this iconic character, “ says including Louis Clichy.
It remains to convince rooms. Albert Uderzo, he is convinced that “I do not see at all how we can be stronger than the film …” What is a good start


& gt; “The Mansions of the Gods” is inspired by the 17th album of the adventures of Asterix (1971), shot to 1.1 million copies. For comparison, the debut album “The Adventures of Asterix the Gaul” was sold 6,000 copies decade earlier
& gt.; To date, the comic series has 35 albums translated into 111 languages ​​and dialects and passed 355 million copies worldwide. Making it the best selling and most translated in the world
& gt.; Since 1967, eight animated films and four films “live”, besides “The Domain of the Gods”, have inspired the adventures of the most famous of Gauls and attracted 48 million French viewers. “Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” directed by Alain Chabat (2002) is the most seen movie with 14,560,000 entries



Paris: Lorànt Deutsch involved in a serious motorcycle accident –

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“Asterix”, well ahead of the first sessions – Stars News







  <- Put this display call & agrave!; the appropriate place & eacute ;. ->


 © SND / M6 / Belvision

© SND / M6 / Belvision

Released Wednesday afternoon in French theaters, the animated film by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy” Asterix – The Domain of the Gods “begins rather well in his career. It is indeed imposed ahead of the first Parisian sessions 14 hours.

Thus, according to CBO Box office, he gathered 2468 spectators in 21 theaters in the capital. Nothing exceptional since it is only 26th start of this year 2014 and the 5th start of the year for an animated film. The good reviews that the film has received could enable it to achieve a beautiful career. To be continued

Synopsis:. We are in 50 BC; all Gaul is occupied by the Romans … All? No! For a village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders

Exasperated by the situation, Julius Caesar decided to change tactics. Since its armies are unable to impose by force, it is the Roman civilization itself will seduce Gauls barbarians. He therefore built next to the village a luxurious residential area for Roman owners. . “The Domain of the Gods”

Our Gallic friends they resist the lure of money and the Roman comfort? Their village he will become a mere tourist attraction? Asterix and Obelix will do everything to thwart the plans Caesar

Beau also start for the film “Night Call” by Dan Gilroy worn by Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo and Riz Ahmed. During these first Parisian sessions 14 hours he gathered 1,723 people for 20 copies. Pretty good

Synopsis:. Connected frequencies police radios, Lou runs Los Angeles at night in search of shocking images he sells at exorbitant prices to chain Local TV. The race for the spectacular will have no limit …

And this is the French film “A Life” Jean-Jacques Zilbermann who completed the podium but really shine. This romantic comedy carried by Julie Depardieu, Johanna ter Steege and Suzanne Clement appears in fact that 620 entries to its meter. It’s just as much as the film was released in 15 theaters

Synopsis:. 1960. Three women, formerly deported from Auschwitz who had not seen since the war, found in Berck-Plage. In this interlude of a few days, everything is a first time for Helen, and Lili Rose: their first real meal together, their first ice, their first swim … A week of laughter, but also songs and stories disputes love and friendship …

4th position include the film “State Secret” of American Michael Cuesta. This thriller led by Jeremy Renner, Rosemarie DeWitt and Ray Liotta gathered 483 people in 13 rooms

Synopsis:. An incredible truth is emerging: Nicaraguan rebels would work directly with the CIA to introduce cocaine in the United States and the money gained from such trafficking serve to arm the Contras militias that want to support the United States. To detonate the truth Webb takes all the risks and went to Nicaragua to extract essential information to drug lord Norwin Meneses. He soon wrote a series of articles that shakes the whole of America … Webb becomes a target for rival journalists but also for those who traffic: a real plot was hatched against him …

But the real flop of the day is to be credited for the film “The Search” which is French do not like its name. And yes this is the new film by Michel Hazanavicius with some Bérénice Bejo in the lead role. Yes but the least we can say is that Parisians do not have all been packed yet. Only 472 people went to find out when the movie was released in 19 theaters

Synopis. The film is set during the second Chechen war in 1999. He says, human scale, four destinies that the war will lead to cross. After the murder of his parents in his village, a little boy fled, joining the flood of refugees. He met Carole, project manager for the European Union. With it, it will slowly come back to life. Meanwhile, Raisa, her older sister, the search actively among civilian exodus. For its part, Kolya, young Russian 20 years, enlisted in the army. It will gradually switch in the daily war.



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“Star Wars Episode 7″: 88 seconds of pictures from Friday! – Stars News







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As you all know the 7th episode of the saga “Star Wars” is scheduled for December 18, 2015 and yet some can already do more than this endless waiting. The good news because there are still a is that JJ Abrams thought of them! 88 seconds of images of the seventh episode of Star Wars “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be released this Friday

“A little glimpse of what we are working – Friday in some rooms … J ‘. hope you enjoy it and wish you the best of Thanksgiving, “was the message delivered by JJ Abrams himself on his official Twitter account. A word manuscript on which the film’s director was careful to add “88 seconds”.

Then on the official Twitter of the film the list of thirty rooms was unveiled, all the States UNite :( However, I bet that the images should soon be on the canvas

.!  © Lucasfilm / Disney

© Lucasfilm / Disney

At the beginning of November is already via his Twitter account that . ‘he announced the end of the shoot and took the opportunity to thank his team and he had written:

“It is an honor and an absolute joy to come on set every day and work in the sides of each of you. We appreciate more than anything your professionalism, passion and patience. The deserts of Abu Dhabi to the Forest of Dean, not passing the trays Pinewood, you have matured at all challenges and have been so adorable and talented. Our aim here is huge, of course, and it must be: we are here to make a film that entertains millions of people of all ages for generations to come. We are here to create an experience that people will enjoy watching as much as we are proud to have created together. What a joy it would be if you had, in addition to having your name on the screen, a real and tangible proof of having been part of the adventure! Well, here it is, this evidence. Wear it there, then wear proudly. But most of all, thank you to you. Affectionately. “

A tribute to the director so his entire team and we can easily imagine, worked hard to provide fans of the saga the best film possible.

Rumors on the first spin-off

And then in the end still do not know much about this 7th episode, now rumors on the first spin-off already starting to circulate while the film is not expected to land in theaters before the end of 2016.

And according SlashFILM the first of them could be centered on a group of rebels responsible to steal the plans for the Death Star. For several months he nevertheless rumored that these spin-offs will normally focus on certain characters of the saga. Names of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Bobba Fett and Yoda, the Jedi Grand Master of the Star Wars franchise, have also been mentioned several times here and there.

Bob Iger Current 2013 the great Disney bosses said about it: “I can confirm today that yes, we are working on several independent films.” And to add that these films “derivatives” would not be included in the overall saga (clear the next trilogy)

. “Star Wars”: intrégale the saga of worship tonight on W9

Taking advantage of the buzz generated, W9 chose to rebroadcast tonight the first 6 parts of this cult saga. This is the second time this year that the saga is thus proposed to French viewers. M6 had indeed done the same thing earlier this year 2014. See you after tonight every Tuesday on W9. The channel will broadcast episodes 1 to 6 as follows:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014: Star Wars: New Hope (Episode IV)
Tuesday, December 2, 2014: Star Wars: The Empire against attack (Episode V)
Tuesday, December 9, 2014: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Episode VI)
Tuesday, December 16, 2014: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Episode I)
Tuesday, December 23 2014: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (Episode II)
Tuesday, December 30, 2014: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode III)

Your first three nights in summary

New Hope: The universe is dominated by the formidable leaders of the Galactic Empire. Princess Leia Organa, who fights them with the help of a few rebels seized the plans of a spaceship, “The Death Star”, the new ultimate weapon of the Empire. Las! She was taken prisoner by Darth Vader and his soldiers. An android and a robot able to escape the trap before being caught in turn by a primitive tribe. It sells them to a buyer whose nephew, Luke manages to decode part of the message entrusted to the android by Leia. It is now time to go to the aid of the beautiful, while thwarting the plans of the evil emperor …

The Empire against attack: After the merciless struggle that opposed to the Galactic Empire, the rebels of space thought to be free on Hoth, the ice planet. But the terrible Darth Vader and his powerful army are back. We’ll have to fight, flee, and look for another base decline. Skywalker continues the battle against the sinister representatives of the forces of evil. He leaves to face his destiny and practice on Dagobah, a planet covered with a deep jungle, under the tutelage of Yoda, a Jedi Master. As for Han Solo, he accompanied Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Z-6PO on Bespin station, where he hopes to find shelter …

The Return of the Jedi: The destruction of the “Death Star “Luke Skywalker and his rebel friends did not really discouraged Darth Vader. The Emperor has the task of building a new satellite attack, more deadly even than the former. Before resuming the fight, Luke wants to free Han Solo, once frozen, converted to carbon stele and now in the grip of a kind of filthy, slimy frog, Jabba. In turn, it sends robots and Princess Leia, fail in their business. Luke decides to intervene himself. Jabba, insensitive to its application, the book Rancor, a monstrous and carnivorous creature …

The new films of the Star Wars saga will be released TF1

So what? It is on TF1 that you discover in preview the new films in the trilogy. This was a historic agreement was indeed signed center TF1 and France Walt Disney Company. It focuses on new productions of Marvel Studios but also on future films related to the saga “Star Wars” including “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and the other two pillars announced for 2017 and 2019

. This agreement covers the new films of Marvel Studios, the new feature films and catalog films that make up the Star Wars Saga and the TV rights next series “live action” signed Marvel. It includes the distribution of these works via new mobile broadcast media. An agreement which had welcomed at the time Benoit Louvet, Deputy Director General Acquisition and Trading audiovisual rights TF1 Group.

So he said “This agreement is a great opportunity for the TF1 Group. It will offer our channels privileged access to huge success as MARVEL – THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and upcoming releases from the world famous franchises like STAR WARS: EPISODE VII or MARVEL – AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. The new Marvel Studios films like Star Wars Saga enrich a portfolio of rights that allows us to offer our audiences the best of world production. This agreement also extends a special relationship between our two groups, and the strong appeal of the different channels of the group for the greatest American Studios. “



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“Jurassic World” finally unveiled the trailer – Le Parisien

<- Hard & eacute; e: 0.03301477432251 sec -> After years of waiting, the further adventures of “Jurassic Park” trilogy will arrive soon on the screens. On 10 June 2015, specifically, for a worldwide release. But the trailer of “Jurassic World” was unveiled Tuesday by Universal. Produced by Steven Spielberg, director of the first two albums (“Jurassic Park” in 1993 and “The Lost World” in 1997), this new film takes all the codes that have made the heyday of the saga on dinosaurs.
<- Hard & eacute; e: 0.021350145339966 sec ->

Two children visit the new park dinosaurs, rebuilt and modernized. Along with other visitors, they go take a huge door that gives way to a magnificent spectacle before everything degenerates, obviously. In the trailer, we also see a blue helicopter, the corpse of a mosquito in the heart of a tree sap sculpture, laboratory research … Many cults images, already present in the first “Jurassic Park”.

Omar Sy appears in casting

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, an illustrious unknown to the public, “Jurassic World” has a top-flight cast: Chris Pratt, recently seen in “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” Vincent d’Onofrio, star of the series “New York, Criminal Division,” or the French Omar Sy, globally recognized for “Untouchables”. After his appearance in X-Men noticed, the French continued his Hollywood career with this second role later in Jurassic Park.

VIDEO. The first trailer of “Jurassic World” (VO).



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Jennifer Lawrence sings on the soundtrack of The Hunger Games 3, listen! – Staragora

We knew Jennifer Lawrence was an accomplished actress (her Oscar is proof), a big joker and a sublime muse, but it turns out that the young woman has another talent: singing. In Hunger Games – The Revolt: Part 1 , the character of Katniss sings a song that was quickly picked up by the Districts in open revolt against the Capitol. And this is the true voice of Jennifer Lawrence as can be heard in the film and also on the soundtrack! Willing to listen to this haunting song

The voice of rebellion

Hunger Games – The Revolt , Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is the symbol of the revolution against the totalitarian power of the Capitol. So when the woman starts to hum The Hanging Tree , a song he learned from his father, the melody is quickly becoming a real rallying point between the Districts. So you get first a cappella singing Jennifer Lawrence before a choir will come join and take precedence over his voice. The music is melancholic and still leads long after listening.

Jennifer Lawrence sings for Hunger Games 3

Jennifer Lawrence did not like singing in Hunger Games

But the filming of this scene clearly not remains a good memory for Jennifer Lawrence as the director Francis Lawrence. He himself was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful voice of the actress, but actually preferred a vocal coach cares for her to give her confidence. He told AOL: “ She felt very vulnerable to the idea of ​​singing, and she knew she was going to sing all day .” It is understood that the young woman, unaccustomed to this kind of exercise, or felt uncomfortable. “ It probably tell you that it was the day she liked least. She was horrified at the idea of ​​singing, she cried a little in the morning of the shoot .” Inevitably, sing all day in front of several dozen people when we are acting, it should not be very nice! However, Jennifer Lawrence did very well out, and this is not the box office, which contradict the since in France, the third installment of The Hunger Games set his best start! So we hope to hear Jennifer Lawrence sing a long time


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Zaz, Michel Hazanavicius, Angelina Jolie … The shock of the sentences … – Le Figaro

NEWS – The interpreter of the album Paris apologizes for his comments about the “lightness” during the Occupation director of The Artist is leaving for another OSS 117 … Here are the moments that have made the news of the week.

Monday, November 17

“I’m not a historian. Under the Occupation, life went on. “

Having said that there were during the Second World War” a form of light “in Paris, Zaz apologized for stating on his Facebook “it does [was] no historian” account. The singer had indeed created controversy a few days earlier in his interview in Pure Charts Web site, where she spoke recklessly on a sensitive subject.

Tuesday, November 18

“The economic reality catches up with us.”

Deauville will not see the 17th Asian Film Festival. Bruno Barde, Director of manifestion, spoke about the removal of the 2015 edition of Le Figaro . “Asian cinema remains a difficult market, which represents only 1% of admissions in France. Unfortunately we did not have a choice. ” In sixteen years, the seaside town has honored directors as Wong Kar Wai talented in 2013 or Hideo Nakata last year.

Wednesday, November 19

“I would be crazy not to want to go with the character of OSS 117. “

Just like his favorite actor, Michel Hazanavicius is ready for a new episode of OSS 117. The director of The Search told Allociné he wanted to revive the adventures of the famous French secret agent. However, he said the project “is not in the cards today” and that “it will pass through a strong desire, a good idea of ​​the work.” Monday, in full promotion of his new film The French , directed by Cédric Jimenez, Jean Dujardin was told the same website: “After turning The French , I have comedy cravings. I always alternated. “

Thursday, November 20

” I’m much happier as a director. “

The star Hollywood Angelina Jolie told the Australian press that she wanted to end her acting career after a few more films to devote himself entirely to completion. Brad Pitt’s wife went to Australia this week to defend his latest film as a director, Invincible , on the occasion of its world premiere on the island -continent where it was filmed. “I’ll make some [movies] extra” as an actress, “but I’d be happy to drop it all at one time,” said the star in Sydney Morning Herald in an interview published online on Thursday.

Friday, November 21

“I loved him so much. He was a friend and the greatest director I’ve worked with. “

At the death of Mike Nichols, Al Pacino appeared in shock. “It knocked me out. I am not yet recovered from the blast. And I’ll never get over it. It is such a shock that it is difficult to speak, “he has told US Magazine . The actor and director had established important relationships by working together on the project chain HBO and they became very close. “I loved him so much. He was a friend and the greatest director I’ve worked with. It was, “he said.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mathias Menegoz the alchemist of Allied – Le Figaro

For 46 years, the former researcher was crowned for his first novel, Karpathia . A book whose romantic impulse in the heart of Transylvania nineteenth century has attracted the jury at Lasserre.

At Allied, which traditionally held at Lasserre restaurant, in the eighth arrondissement, at the announcement of the results, Philippe Tesson appears, the president of the jury: “The Prize is awarded to Mathias Menegoz for his novel Karpathia , published Editions POL He won at the end of the fifth round with six votes against four Simonetta Greggio, and The New Monsters (Stock). “

The academician Jean-Marie Rouart which supported from start to finish winner, evokes a literary novel, very classic. “It contains more than 700 pages, but you never get tired. Karpathia is the perfect book for a price, with a real story, a real style, “he says enthusiastically. Enthusiasm shared by a majority of the jury, like Florian Zeller. “Mathias Menegoz was fast enough for the jury. The romantic impulse is rewarded. And it is fortunate that the Allied crown a first novel, “recognized novelist and playwright. Karpathia had been on the lists of the Goncourt, the Grand Prix du Roman of the French Academy Award and Giono.

Strange that this book Karpathia , which paved plunges the reader into Transylvania nineteenth century, when the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It reveals a mosaic of peoples, through the eyes of a young couple aristocrats came out of his torpor ancestral domain. At the same time adventure novel and historical epic, the book is also a nod to family history Mathias Menegoz since behalf by his mother’s side, of the Danube Swabians among his ancestors.

The writer is distinguished by its profile, explosive compared to other finalists, much more experienced novelists. This man of 46 years, the juvenile look, a biochemist by training, has abandoned the search to start writing from the first title. He spent endless time, skimming the library of Vienna and multiplying research for several years. The result is an extremely novel documented the history of this part of Europe once mythologized by Bram Stoker in Dracula . If it is distinguished by its ability to recreate a forgotten world, Mathias Menegoz also examines the many characters in the manner of an entomologist, which gives Karpathia that have a very bushy appearance Some critics have blamed him. Le Figaro literary had also retained in its selection of the top ten best novels of the season.

He joined Lasserre half an hour after the announcement of the results, the winner was visibly happy. “Surprisingly and emotion,” said he responded when asked to react to the price. He added: “I am very surprised, I could not imagine that it is possible, provided the price is generally attributed to a journalist. I first wrote this novel to make me happy. “Obviously, this pleasure is widely shared.


Star Wars VII: first trailer before “The Hobbit 3″? – Stars News









As you surely know – unless of course live on another planet – the seventh episode of the saga “Star Wars” will be released December 18, 2015 on French screens. Entitled “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” it is already the subject of many rumors and should fuel conservations fans (and not only) in the year that separates us from the output

Among the. there are rumors that relating to the distribution of the first trailer. The site specialized “StarWars7News” asserts that the first trailer would be released in theaters just before the final part of the trilogy The Hobbit “ The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies ” …

Can and should believe it? Hard to say for the moment all that in October the site “Batman On Film” said that the film is Zack Snyder “ Batman vs. Superman ” would be entitled to this privilege.

Warner would she been dubbed by Disney? Unless it is not yet one of those unfounded rumors straight out of the imagination (and / or fantasy) of one or more fans.

 © Lucasfilm / Disney

© Lucasfilm / Disney

But there are even bigger. Two sites were first description of this trailer which we do not even know yet if it exists. It should be treated with great caution. All begin with a desert landscape where John Boyega arise in the armor of a stormtrooper but without a helmet. It would then Daisy Ridley aboard a speeder and wearing a similar to Princess Leia in “Return of the Jedi” helmet. Then would succeed several action scenes that allow us in particular to discover the big bad of this 7th episode, namely the Sith Inquisitor. There would be armed with a new lightsaber. In the final plan we would be entitled to a Millennium Falcon that darkens towards the audience and an explosion in the movie title. Info, intox? It should not take too long to find out …

. JJ Abrams’s homage to the film crew

A few weeks ago, and while the shooting had ended, Abrams published a particularly poignant message for his team and all those who participated in the filming of the movie.

“It is an honor and an absolute joy to come to the set every day and work alongside each of you. We appreciate most of all your professionalism, passion and patience. The deserts of Abu Dhabi in the Forest of Dean, not passing trays Pinewood, you have matured at all challenges and have been so adorable and talented. Our ambition here is huge, of course, and it must be: we’re here to make a film that entertains millions of people of all ages for generations to come. We are here to create an experience that people will enjoy watching as much as we are proud to have created together. What a joy it would be if you had, in addition to having your name on the screen, a real and tangible evidence to be part of the adventure! Well, here it is, the evidence. Wear one, wear it proudly here. But most of all, thank you to you. Affectionately. “

Full cast and synopsis

So for now the official synopsis has not been released – this should not take too long now – we know that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” features: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Max von Sydow, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, Lupita Nyong’o, Gwendoline Christie, Crystal Clarke, Pip Andersen, Christina Chong, Miltos Yerolemou or even Warwick Davis.

” Star Wars The Force Awakens “better than” The Empire Strikes against “

While this film is particularly expected to turn, actor Anthony Daniels? The man who is hidden in the costume of C3-PO, dropped a little phrase that has not gone unnoticed / On his Twitter account, he has written “Star Wars The Force Awakens” is better than “The Empire against attack “, a film purists consider this day as the best of the entire franchise.

” No action was better than Empire against attack, you ravalerez these Words for Christmas dinner and indigestion 2015. Joy to the World “

! The Star Wars expo in Lyon

In the meantime, fans of the Star Wars universe can travel to Lyon to see the exhibition “Star Wars Identities’. After triumphing in Paris, she is waiting for you until 19 April 2015 “The Sugar” located in Quai Rambaud 49-50 in the 2nd district.

In particular program “more than 200 original pieces from archives of Lucas Arts Museum. maquettes, props, costumes, sketches … Unique pieces that built the universe of Star Wars

Through this expo fans and visitors will be able to better understand what makes Star Wars who they are, while exploring their own identity to the help question both simple and profound: What forces you live



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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

John Malkovich, womanizer Casanova in Variations (VIDEO) – TV

Plurimedia Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 17:00

 John Malkovich, womanizer Casanova in Variations (VIDEO) © Alfama Films

John Malkovich you missing? This is great, this week it is showing Casanova Variations Michael Sturminger. A singular work adapted from the eponymous play that mixes theater and opera, fiction and reality, past and present, in which the actor, former member of the Steppenwolf Theater troupe, returns to a role he has mastered terribly well: the great seducer.

Sixty-one years and seventy films. This was revealed to John Malkovich is one of the most talented actors of his generation. However, despite his armored CV, it is one of those actors who have managed to remain discreet, those whose face but not the name or vice versa is known. The last time we saw him on the big screen was in 2013 in the comedy “third age” Red 2 Dean Parisot alongside Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins and Bruce Willis .

Now the actor is back in cinemas in the guise of the great seducer Casanova for the purpose of movie Casanova Variations . A character that John Malkovich control over the fingertips because it’s been four years since he plays on stage. Indeed, Casanova Variations is the film adaptation of the eponymous play by Michael Sturminger. “ Comedian, writer, freemason, alchemist, Casanova was mostly a free man. Someone very curious who has traveled everywhere, seen everything, experienced everything ,” said Malkovich.

A bit like John Malkovich himself who always gave free rein to his desires. Comedies, thrillers, action movies, the actor shot with the greatest of Woody Allen Clint Eastwood through Steven Spielberg and Luc Besson. Independent films ( Being John Malkovich Spike Jones in 1999) and blockbusters ( Transformers 3: the dark side of the Moon Michael Bay in 2011), it quickly became a true chameleon of cinema. These large differences, the actor explains the simplest way “. If we do not occasionally popular that people really want to see the film, damn it ” To So far, everything is under control.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Which movies to see in theaters this week? (VIDEO) – TV

Plurimedia Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 20:00

 Which movies to see this in theaters week? (VIDEO) © Metropolitan Filmexport

What’s New in theaters this week? Jennifer Lawrence embodies the symbol of the rebellion in Hunger Games rebellion, Part 1 . Mathieu Kassovitz is another in A famous unknown . Mia Hansen-Løve tells the story of the French Touch in Eden . Finally, three couples are bound by the same secret in Puzzle .

The tension mounts in the saga Hunger Games ! With Hunger Games rebellion – part 1 , the revolt seriously beginning to rumble. For the occasion, Jennifer Lawrence donned his costume Katniss Everdeen, a symbol of the rebellion. After Panem, District 13 direction, much more austere, in which Katniss fled after destroying the arena and games. Under the command of the president’s corner, the girl – bolder than ever – will continue its struggle against the existing order

The truth is not the truth,” .! Such is the grip of A famous unknown new film Matthieu Delaporte ( Name ), where Mathieu Kassovitz Sebastian embodies Nicolas. A modest realtor, behind which lies a man chameleon who impersonates others to give meaning to his own life. Mathieu Kassovitz, perfect in his role, playing a character psychology both disorder and captivating. A famous unknown thus emerged as a fascinating thriller qu’angoissant.

In the 1990s, a special flavor of a musical point of view. Indeed, they have made a born musical movement in France: the French Touch. This is the full time it takes effervescence Image Mia Hansen-Løve Eden . She tells us the fate of Paul Young DJ of 17 years, making his first steps into the middle of the night in Paris and founded with his best friend Cheers group. Daft Punk and Cassius are not far away … But through this film, Mia Hansen-Løve portrayed especially the portrait of his big brother, Sven Løve (instigator evenings “Cheers” and resident “Respect” the Queen), who was one of the leading figures of the French Touch.

The ensemble film, it is the stuff of Paul Haggis ! Almost 10 years after collision – with which he won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay – filmmaker recidivism Puzzle . A mosaic film through which emerge three love stories atypical in three different places, but will eventually collide. It was Michael (Liam Neeson) and Anna (Olivia Wilde) in Paris, Scott (Adrien Brody) and Monica (Moran Atias) in Rome, and finally Rick (James Franco) and Julia (Mila Kunis) in New York. Each character is haunted by demons. All actors are remarkable. Special mention to Liam Neeson which, far from his last action hero roles, proves he is a great actor.


Virginia Efira: the new Sharon Stone? – TF1

– Video above: at the time of the release of ’20 years écrat ‘
, the actress replied users to MYTF1News –

Virginia Efira has just landed a role that could bring a new dimension to his career. According to the Film French, Belgian actress caught the eye of director Paul Veroehven. He would have chosen to play in his next film called Elle . Play under the direction of the person to whom we owe Basic Instinct is an incredible opportunity for the thirty bubbly. We know what career has known Sharon Stone, the heroine of the cult film since. Virginia Efira will she transform the test under the leadership of Paul Veroehven? This starts a new challenge from the rest with this feature film touted as a Basic Instinct according to the French Arte France Cinema.

A poster of four new films!

To do this, the Dutch filmmaker chose to adapt O a book by Philippe Djian (Gallimard) which recounts the tragedy of a woman raped by his father. A serious matter brought to the screen by Isabelle Huppert . Virginia will play opposite Efira Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny and Charles Berling . Filming is expected to begin in January 2015 in Paris.

At 37, the irresistible Belgian comédiene which is illustrated in comedies such as 20 years apart and The chance my life , will be able to expand its range of play. Especially it is making considerable energy to the cinema at the moment. It will soon be showing four films as First, with Surviving Benoît Poelvoorde or And your sister Marion Vernoux with Nakache.


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The Council of Paris rejected the Triangle Tower, Hidalgo contests the vote – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – The Triangle Tower, it is not. The Council of Paris on Monday rejected the proposed construction of this skyscraper of 180 meters, but the judge irregular ballot hall and goes to court.

The municipal executive, who blames the UMP failing to maintain the secrecy of the vote Tuesday will file a motion to quash before the administrative court, according to the deputy in charge of Planning Jean-Louis Missika. “The law has not been complied with insofar deliberately advisors Paris showed their ballot prior to the passage in front of the ballot box,” responded by meeting the socialist mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

Of the 163 advisers Paris, 83 voted against, 78 (more than a spoiled ballot and a non-voting). Carried by the giant commercial real estate Unibail-Rodamco, and launched by the former mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe in 2008, the project has suffered a coalition of the UMP and the center with the Greens and the PG.

The UMP and the UDI, initially supportive of the project have changed sides in 2013 during the campaign for municipal elections after the opening match of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet.

Opponents of the project totaled 88 votes in theory, but the suspense lasted until the last minute, the municipality had not worked hard in recent weeks to convince politicians of the right and the center.

PS had requested a secret ballot to allow elected officials to express themselves “freedom.” Highlighting the “pressures” on elected hostile Greens central and UMP have instead asked for a public vote to ensure “transparency” of the vote.

“If against any political morality , you imposed a secret ballot, if you choose to defend the freedom to exercise their lobbying pressures, rather than the freedom of Parisians who voted what, we contesterions to the end, and for our part we would show publicly each ballot that we will in the ballot box, “warned NKM.

According to the announcement, the UMP (except Rachida Dati and Celine Boulay-Espéronnier) but also centrists and environmentalists, have shown their ballot during the voting, without going into the voting booth

-. “Several months’ delay –

The release of deliberation and judicial procedure should delay the construction of the tower of “several months,” according to Jean-Louis Missika. The City could submit next year in a vote by the elected amended, taking into account the demands of some of them on the “content” of the tower project, he said to the press.

The EELV group regretted the stubbornness of the mayor of Paris. “The vote took place, it has won this vote, we regret this hardline position,” said co-chair of the group EELV David Belliard.

“We won,” as responded Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, denouncing his surrender after the vote a “sprained political morality”, a “denial of democracy” and “treason.”

“When I said that we would show our bulletins, Anne Hidalgo said + + if you want. If she disagreed, he should not wait for the result, “she protested to the press.

” It was a major project of the mandate, today this great project took water, “also responded the deputy mayor of the fifteenth, Philippe Goujon (UMP).

In the camp Hidalgo was instead challenged any idea of ​​defeat. “This is not a political defeat for Anne Hidalgo (…) We are in a situation where people did not vote in good conscience,” said Jean-Louis Missika.

The deliberation rejected authorized the “decommissioning” of the parcel on which the tower is to be built.

After four decades without constructions of this type, the Triangle tower was to be one of three skyscrapers to emerge in Paris in the years to come with the new courthouse Batignolles (XVII) starts, and the Duo-Bruneseau project in Massena (XIII), whose license is under investigation.

The Triangle Project involves the construction in the heart of the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles a tower 180 meters, consisting essentially of offices. Unibail-Rodamco plans to invest 520 million euros.


Shailene Woodley: in Oliver Stone after 2 Divergent? – Have-Alire

After Divergent 2 insurgency , Shailene Woodley should take the path of political biopic, directed by Oliver Stone.

Among mainstream cinema ( Divergent , the result will be released in March 2015) and auteur cinema where she bares (Gregg Araki at in the Here, Wgute Bird ), Shailene Woodley exists. With his star teenager whose game appeals to both the public and critics, crowds rushed to even find a soft enough melodrama, which normally would have gone completely unnoticed, The Fault in Our Stars .
But the actress to temperament, sensitivity and physical guns away from Hollywood standards, which are, today, the biggest covet, including in myths like … Oliver Stone. Thus, the name of the actress is now envisaged for the biopic on Snowden, the sworn enemy of the US government revealed to the world the massive surveillance system PRISM program set up by the CIA.
If Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the central role, the young Shailene should embody his official girlfriend. The start of filming is announced in January in Munich. We wish this adaptation of two surveys, one British Luke Harding, the other by the American lawyer of ex-CIA agent, most successful movie that Wikileaks: The fifth power Bill Condon was a big failure at the end of 2014, despite the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch in Julian Assange.


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Johnny Depp drunk on stage – 7sur7

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15/11/14 – 2:18 p.m.
© getty.

Video US actor Johnny Depp has shocked viewers by appearing drunk the Hollywood Film Awards.

The champagne he cast afloat behind the scenes of Hollywood Film Awards this Friday night? Everything leads us to believe when you see these pictures of Johnny Depp.

The actor was chosen to present the award for best documentary. and it is drunk he appeared on stage.

As you can see in the video below, Johnny Depp could not stand and had a lot of difficulty speaking. This was not to the taste of some viewers who deplored the attitude of the star.