Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mathias Menegoz the alchemist of Allied – Le Figaro

For 46 years, the former researcher was crowned for his first novel, Karpathia . A book whose romantic impulse in the heart of Transylvania nineteenth century has attracted the jury at Lasserre.

At Allied, which traditionally held at Lasserre restaurant, in the eighth arrondissement, at the announcement of the results, Philippe Tesson appears, the president of the jury: “The Prize is awarded to Mathias Menegoz for his novel Karpathia , published Editions POL He won at the end of the fifth round with six votes against four Simonetta Greggio, and The New Monsters (Stock). “

The academician Jean-Marie Rouart which supported from start to finish winner, evokes a literary novel, very classic. “It contains more than 700 pages, but you never get tired. Karpathia is the perfect book for a price, with a real story, a real style, “he says enthusiastically. Enthusiasm shared by a majority of the jury, like Florian Zeller. “Mathias Menegoz was fast enough for the jury. The romantic impulse is rewarded. And it is fortunate that the Allied crown a first novel, “recognized novelist and playwright. Karpathia had been on the lists of the Goncourt, the Grand Prix du Roman of the French Academy Award and Giono.

Strange that this book Karpathia , which paved plunges the reader into Transylvania nineteenth century, when the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It reveals a mosaic of peoples, through the eyes of a young couple aristocrats came out of his torpor ancestral domain. At the same time adventure novel and historical epic, the book is also a nod to family history Mathias Menegoz since behalf by his mother’s side, of the Danube Swabians among his ancestors.

The writer is distinguished by its profile, explosive compared to other finalists, much more experienced novelists. This man of 46 years, the juvenile look, a biochemist by training, has abandoned the search to start writing from the first title. He spent endless time, skimming the library of Vienna and multiplying research for several years. The result is an extremely novel documented the history of this part of Europe once mythologized by Bram Stoker in Dracula . If it is distinguished by its ability to recreate a forgotten world, Mathias Menegoz also examines the many characters in the manner of an entomologist, which gives Karpathia that have a very bushy appearance Some critics have blamed him. Le Figaro literary had also retained in its selection of the top ten best novels of the season.

He joined Lasserre half an hour after the announcement of the results, the winner was visibly happy. “Surprisingly and emotion,” said he responded when asked to react to the price. He added: “I am very surprised, I could not imagine that it is possible, provided the price is generally attributed to a journalist. I first wrote this novel to make me happy. “Obviously, this pleasure is widely shared.


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