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“Star Wars 7″, “Jurassic World”, trailers or traitors lures? – The World

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Image of the seventh installment of the saga & quot; Star Wars & quot ;, & quot; The Force Awakens & quot ;, by JJ Abrams (2015).

No one knows what time on Friday 28 November, the trailer for Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens ( Star Wars 7, the awakening of the strength ) will be online. Initially, these few seconds of galactic images had been announced on the big screens of thirty US theaters. Then, the Twitter account of Star Wars has relieved the mortals living too far from these holy places: <- snippet atom ->

After the launch of the teaser on the site of iTunes, simple agacerie, as its name suggests, the time comes trailer, the real trailer of the JJ Abrams film produced by Disney. And then exit on 18 December 2015. Finally, perhaps in 2016, a spectator disappointed attack the studio for false advertising, as did a fan after watching Ryan Gosling Drive , on the faith of his trailer. She thought she saw a rehash of Fast and Furious , she discovered a film by Nicolas Winding Refn.

80% of disappointed spectators

This is the trailer wrong a lot, often anyway. A recent study by the British University of East Anglia shows that 80% of spectators were disappointed at least once after going to see a feature on the strength of his trailer.

Work, including all the results have not yet been published, was conducted in 2013 and focused, among other things, the trailer for the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Spectators regretted that the band. -Private reveals the essential elements of the plot, and raises expectations that the vision of the whole film would disappoint.

An American film directed by Colin Trevorrow, & quot; Jurassic World & quot; (2015).

The manufacturers of trailers are caught between two conflicting imperatives. They need to raise awareness of the film and install a sense of familiarity is what is taught all marketing schools. At the same time, the audience, as evidenced by the study of the UEA, hate spoilers.

They hate also fades to black that mark now all trailers of big productions, such as Jurassic World? And are tired of thundering voice that make the most futile entertainment apocalyptic prophecy, as shown on this website the recent issue of Contrechamp?

The answer in the next steps of the British university study. Unless you did not want to give it in the comments of this article.


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