Monday, November 10, 2014

Michel Delpech is healed, but he will ever sing again? – Le Figaro

Out of the music scene for two years, the singer of 68 years, now in remission after his throat cancer, began a long battle to try to regain normal speech. A handicap that is not sure how to solve it completely.

Michel Delpech not give up. After being diagnosed with cancer of the throat and tongue in 2013, the interpreter of Flirting and The Singer is now remission. “I’m better, I can even say that I am cured, even if we always wait five years of remission to be totally sure,” he explained in an interview with Parisien / Aujourd ‘hui in France .

However, the singer of 68 years carries very heavy consequences that could harm his career. “I have not found my normal speech, this is the only downside of the story. I must make the speech to put it all up and it takes a long time, “he said. Guests on the show Hi Earthlings! Thierry Ardisson Saturday night, the artist had revealed “fear of consequences” of his illness, “among other speech problems, which are still there “and that he” did not resolve completely. ”

After suffering heavy treatments to overcome his cancer, as mentioned inoperable, Michel Delpech must now “find the energy” to work his phrasing and diction. Asked about his ability to be able to sing again one day, he says he has no certainty as to go on stage one day, but he did not lose hope. “Luckily, my vocal cords were completely spared. I regularly tests studio, vocal exercises on my songs, it comes slowly. This is what makes me think that if my technical problems are solved, there will be no voice problem, “he has told reporters of the Paris .

Although it is still very low, Michel Delpech hopes to “find his voice” to start to concentrate on his musical projects. The singer began to register a particular album before falling ill and now participates in musical tale Dolly Bibble and most beautiful world history , designed by animator Anthony Jerome, in which he interprets Song of Abraham . It also says in the interview have writing a book during his two-year absence and have started a second, focused on his memories and personal reflections. But his greatest project, he admits, is to “get back on stage” as soon as possible: “I am impatient, I miss the public. I hope it will be next year. “


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