Friday, November 21, 2014

Zaz, Michel Hazanavicius, Angelina Jolie … The shock of the sentences … – Le Figaro

NEWS – The interpreter of the album Paris apologizes for his comments about the “lightness” during the Occupation director of The Artist is leaving for another OSS 117 … Here are the moments that have made the news of the week.

Monday, November 17

“I’m not a historian. Under the Occupation, life went on. “

Having said that there were during the Second World War” a form of light “in Paris, Zaz apologized for stating on his Facebook “it does [was] no historian” account. The singer had indeed created controversy a few days earlier in his interview in Pure Charts Web site, where she spoke recklessly on a sensitive subject.

Tuesday, November 18

“The economic reality catches up with us.”

Deauville will not see the 17th Asian Film Festival. Bruno Barde, Director of manifestion, spoke about the removal of the 2015 edition of Le Figaro . “Asian cinema remains a difficult market, which represents only 1% of admissions in France. Unfortunately we did not have a choice. ” In sixteen years, the seaside town has honored directors as Wong Kar Wai talented in 2013 or Hideo Nakata last year.

Wednesday, November 19

“I would be crazy not to want to go with the character of OSS 117. “

Just like his favorite actor, Michel Hazanavicius is ready for a new episode of OSS 117. The director of The Search told Allociné he wanted to revive the adventures of the famous French secret agent. However, he said the project “is not in the cards today” and that “it will pass through a strong desire, a good idea of ​​the work.” Monday, in full promotion of his new film The French , directed by Cédric Jimenez, Jean Dujardin was told the same website: “After turning The French , I have comedy cravings. I always alternated. “

Thursday, November 20

” I’m much happier as a director. “

The star Hollywood Angelina Jolie told the Australian press that she wanted to end her acting career after a few more films to devote himself entirely to completion. Brad Pitt’s wife went to Australia this week to defend his latest film as a director, Invincible , on the occasion of its world premiere on the island -continent where it was filmed. “I’ll make some [movies] extra” as an actress, “but I’d be happy to drop it all at one time,” said the star in Sydney Morning Herald in an interview published online on Thursday.

Friday, November 21

“I loved him so much. He was a friend and the greatest director I’ve worked with. “

At the death of Mike Nichols, Al Pacino appeared in shock. “It knocked me out. I am not yet recovered from the blast. And I’ll never get over it. It is such a shock that it is difficult to speak, “he has told US Magazine . The actor and director had established important relationships by working together on the project chain HBO and they became very close. “I loved him so much. He was a friend and the greatest director I’ve worked with. It was, “he said.


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