Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Virginia Efira: the new Sharon Stone? – TF1

– Video above: at the time of the release of ’20 years écrat ‘
, the actress replied users to MYTF1News –

Virginia Efira has just landed a role that could bring a new dimension to his career. According to the Film French, Belgian actress caught the eye of director Paul Veroehven. He would have chosen to play in his next film called Elle . Play under the direction of the person to whom we owe Basic Instinct is an incredible opportunity for the thirty bubbly. We know what career has known Sharon Stone, the heroine of the cult film since. Virginia Efira will she transform the test under the leadership of Paul Veroehven? This starts a new challenge from the rest with this feature film touted as a Basic Instinct according to the French Arte France Cinema.

A poster of four new films!

To do this, the Dutch filmmaker chose to adapt O a book by Philippe Djian (Gallimard) which recounts the tragedy of a woman raped by his father. A serious matter brought to the screen by Isabelle Huppert . Virginia will play opposite Efira Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny and Charles Berling . Filming is expected to begin in January 2015 in Paris.

At 37, the irresistible Belgian comédiene which is illustrated in comedies such as 20 years apart and The chance my life , will be able to expand its range of play. Especially it is making considerable energy to the cinema at the moment. It will soon be showing four films as First, with Surviving Benoît Poelvoorde or And your sister Marion Vernoux with Nakache.


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