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 Which movies to see this in theaters week? (VIDEO) © Metropolitan Filmexport

What’s New in theaters this week? Jennifer Lawrence embodies the symbol of the rebellion in Hunger Games rebellion, Part 1 . Mathieu Kassovitz is another in A famous unknown . Mia Hansen-Løve tells the story of the French Touch in Eden . Finally, three couples are bound by the same secret in Puzzle .

The tension mounts in the saga Hunger Games ! With Hunger Games rebellion – part 1 , the revolt seriously beginning to rumble. For the occasion, Jennifer Lawrence donned his costume Katniss Everdeen, a symbol of the rebellion. After Panem, District 13 direction, much more austere, in which Katniss fled after destroying the arena and games. Under the command of the president’s corner, the girl – bolder than ever – will continue its struggle against the existing order

The truth is not the truth,” .! Such is the grip of A famous unknown new film Matthieu Delaporte ( Name ), where Mathieu Kassovitz Sebastian embodies Nicolas. A modest realtor, behind which lies a man chameleon who impersonates others to give meaning to his own life. Mathieu Kassovitz, perfect in his role, playing a character psychology both disorder and captivating. A famous unknown thus emerged as a fascinating thriller qu’angoissant.

In the 1990s, a special flavor of a musical point of view. Indeed, they have made a born musical movement in France: the French Touch. This is the full time it takes effervescence Image Mia Hansen-Løve Eden . She tells us the fate of Paul Young DJ of 17 years, making his first steps into the middle of the night in Paris and founded with his best friend Cheers group. Daft Punk and Cassius are not far away … But through this film, Mia Hansen-Løve portrayed especially the portrait of his big brother, Sven Løve (instigator evenings “Cheers” and resident “Respect” the Queen), who was one of the leading figures of the French Touch.

The ensemble film, it is the stuff of Paul Haggis ! Almost 10 years after collision – with which he won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay – filmmaker recidivism Puzzle . A mosaic film through which emerge three love stories atypical in three different places, but will eventually collide. It was Michael (Liam Neeson) and Anna (Olivia Wilde) in Paris, Scott (Adrien Brody) and Monica (Moran Atias) in Rome, and finally Rick (James Franco) and Julia (Mila Kunis) in New York. Each character is haunted by demons. All actors are remarkable. Special mention to Liam Neeson which, far from his last action hero roles, proves he is a great actor.


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