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Guillaume Canet: “I pay the success of Little White Lies” – The Obs

Guillaume Canet can do more of this picture perfect son sticks to his good looks “We can not stop telling me. ‘ It’s crazy to see you in a role like that, which you usually play as the ‘boy next door’. ‘ But it’s been years since I play roles like that! “

The role is one he holds in” Next time I will be aiming the heart “Cedric Anger, inspired by Alain case Lamare, the gendarme de Chantilly, which in the late 1970s, investigated a series of murders of young women he was the culprit.

A complex type sincere in its duality, Note Canet. He was considered the best gendarme his barracks. And he suffered when he passed the act. Itself kept saying he was going to stop this guy. “

Lamare,” the killer of the Oise, “will be held héboïdophrène, a rare form of schizophrenia. To interpret Canet lost 6 pounds and has focused on the dry side, military. “It kept coming up in descriptions of him were people that he leveled: Lamare embodied order, righteousness. It is through this he put his victims at ease. “

ears, jaw drooping lower lip and inflexible, the actor makes the minimum, and it is fascinating. As “Man we loved too” André Téchiné, shot him as a news item, the Leroux-Agnelet case. “Pure coincidence he said, but I love ‘Bring the accused. “

” If I had wanted please … “

” Darling, “Christine Carrière, where he played a truck driver who beats his wife, his job in Zulawski, Pierre Jolivet and Cédric Kahn, the course of actor Guillaume Canet is lined with roles not easy, disorders and uninviting characters in films commercial potential relative. Contradicting those he signed as director, opulent entertainment. If it would when he plays in others what he keeps in his own feature films for the sake of pleasing?

“Not at all. If I had that concern, I would not have taken two years of wages in ‘Blood Ties’ not to make money and go right into the wall. If I wanted to please, after the 5.5 million entries of ‘Little White Lies’, I would have chained on the sequel, for which I was offered a lot of money Instead, I went back to zero, I went to rub me the American cinema of the 1970s, that made me want to do. As a director, I search my pleasure to witness. After three years when we go on a movie, yes, we want it please. “

Canet, the reviled?

” Blood Ties “, the first failure his career as a filmmaker. A complicated filming in New York, a very mixed review, absent public (22 times less entries for “Little White Lies” in France!) and a wound not yet healed.


“Blood Ties” when Canet cheek good student

“In most articles, it was not the movie but me who was attacked, Canet regrets. On the way: ‘Why will he turn to the United States? Is it right there? Why is it around all the time stars? ‘ While I did not go to take the best paid actors of Hollywood [Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, James Caan, Ed]. I even turned down a movie with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp ["The Tourist", Ed]. My mistake was to go to Cannes with an unfinished assembly which lasted forty minutes too. I remain convinced that if ‘Blood Ties’ was directed by someone else, it would not have been welcomed this way. I pay the success of ‘Little White Lies’, my Caesar for ‘Tell No One’ … This is part of the unfortunate mentality that prevails in our country. I learn to live with. All directors go through it. “

Mathieu Kassovitz, for example. He also signed a generational carton (” Hate “) followed by a loud furnace (” Assassin (s) “). He also made a return inconclusive in the United States (“Gothika”). He also sees himself more as an actor filmmaker instinct in front of the camera is often better than behind.

If Kassovitz the unloved likes to ride his reputation, Canet questioned his own.

I have trouble with the idea of ​​always having to justify myself on my work. It is twenty years I’m working day and night as a patient, I’m tired of having this image of little playboy for whom everything is easy, who served on a plate. I feel it in the press, I feel in the business . I hope that this strength will not disgust me, cut me envy. “

At this point, he wrote two screenplays. One that will stage the other merely to interpret it. But nothing is certain. He spends much of his time to his first love, horse, abandoned 18 years after a bad fall, taken for the purpose of “Jappeloup” (1.8 million entries in 2013). With frames and Babeche Apple du Vallon, he even returned to the competition. “If I give up something, coward he this is not the horse.”

Nicolas Schaller

“The next time I will be aiming the heart” by Cédric Anger. In theaters Nov. 12.


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