Monday, November 17, 2014

Shailene Woodley: in Oliver Stone after 2 Divergent? – Have-Alire

After Divergent 2 insurgency , Shailene Woodley should take the path of political biopic, directed by Oliver Stone.

Among mainstream cinema ( Divergent , the result will be released in March 2015) and auteur cinema where she bares (Gregg Araki at in the Here, Wgute Bird ), Shailene Woodley exists. With his star teenager whose game appeals to both the public and critics, crowds rushed to even find a soft enough melodrama, which normally would have gone completely unnoticed, The Fault in Our Stars .
But the actress to temperament, sensitivity and physical guns away from Hollywood standards, which are, today, the biggest covet, including in myths like … Oliver Stone. Thus, the name of the actress is now envisaged for the biopic on Snowden, the sworn enemy of the US government revealed to the world the massive surveillance system PRISM program set up by the CIA.
If Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the central role, the young Shailene should embody his official girlfriend. The start of filming is announced in January in Munich. We wish this adaptation of two surveys, one British Luke Harding, the other by the American lawyer of ex-CIA agent, most successful movie that Wikileaks: The fifth power Bill Condon was a big failure at the end of 2014, despite the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch in Julian Assange.


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