Thursday, November 13, 2014

A possible sequel to Interstellar – Le Figaro

When asked by the US website IGN, the actors of the film have given their opinion on the possibility of a new adventure produced by Christopher Nolan.

Matthew McConaughey he continue his way to the stars? When asked by IGN, the Interstellar team has spoken about the possibility of an eventual result. While the film is becoming a mainstream success, the main actors do not seem against.

Anne Hathaway sees himself reprise his role as astronaut. Although she prefers to enjoy the first, she says, “wanting more.” Obviously without revealing the end of the movie, she said she would run again under the direction of Christopher Nolan. Jessica Chastain think a sequel is feasible and “hopes to be part of.” Matthew McConaughey says he prefers to focus on the film, calling it a “monster” with which he “continues to fight.” It recognizes that the film takes full of possibilities, so that “the adventure continues.”

In addition, on BuzzFeed, Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher spoke about the emergence of Matt Damon. The writer discusses this choice remains secret until the first projections: “Matt has a major importance in Hollywood. We do not want the public looking for the entire film. We preferred to trap the audience, like the characters in the reading Interstellar . When they open the box of hibernation, they do not know that they will find and what are the motivations of the character. “


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