Saturday, November 1, 2014

The widow of Serge Reggiani facing deportation – Le Parisien

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Tired overtaken by depression, she gets to her room, dressed all in white, lying in the huge bed from which it now organizes his life. A room loaded with photos, records, scrapbook and books dedicated, like all his little apartment on rue du General Niox in the XVI th arrondissement of Paris, the memory of the man with whom she shared thirty-three years of its existence.
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Noelle, the widow of singer and actor Serge Reggiani, who died in 2004, will celebrate its 81 th December 25th birthday in fear that never leaves being brutally expelled. At issue: a rental debt it can not pay off completely (€ 1,700), which resulted in a judgment delivered in October last by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris: the social landlord Paris Habitat who rents him a little more than 900 € 30 m 2 , where she lived for ten years, will give him more time to pay the amount due. It is deportable. Although an appeal filed by his lawyer and legal winter break to grant him a respite of a few months. “My life was amazing … She became could not be more modest after the death of Serge, she says, but now I have nothing. I sold everything that could be and I have barely enough to feed me with a pension of € 400. “

The heirs at bay

The origin of financial distress, Noelle Reggiani attributed to a committed three children process the artist, born of his first two marriages, Carine, Celia and Simon, and two of his grandchildren, Nicolas and Aurelia around the estate of Serge Reggiani. The heirs, who are, as the widow of the artist, as part of estate ownership, sought a different distribution of revenues from the exploitation of the work of singer-actor. Proceedings on which the court has not yet decided, but denies individuals occasional royalties that were allocated to them.

“This is all the more incredible sighed the widow, there very little money. On the one hand, Serge was an interpreter, not songwriter: when others show the songs that have made him famous, we do not touch a penny. And we must recognize that, unfortunately, the family did not value or make alive, after his death, the work of my husband. France, still love it, but almost nobody talks about him. “

An old couple if not

” In her lifetime, she said, we had a very good life, but he loved above all simplicity and never thought to save … Serge was not a manager, he quickly bought and sold poorly. As for my widow’s pension, it is almost non-existent, we have been married sixteen months before his disappearance despite three decades of our life together. Today, I no longer have my memories. Those in the apartment of 130 m 2 we shared boulevard Suchet (XVI th ), assembled in two parts … hard to imagine that at my age I starts looking for another home? “

Contacted yesterday, the social landlord, as Ian Brossat, deputy housing the Mayor of Paris, now ensure that despite the judgment, it would be demonstrated to the humanity Widow: “A big debt had accumulated, which has forced us to take legal action, says it does in Paris Habitat. But today, the amount due is significantly reduced, and a solution will be found. We have no intention to rush our tenants in poverty. “


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