Friday, November 28, 2014

7 Star Wars: The decrypted trailer, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon and sword … –

The fans worldwide have discovered the trailer for Star Wars 7 a minute twenty-eight, but which will certainly boost the wildest speculation about the revival of galactic saga. m offers you to make the point with this article decryption . It all starts with a shot of sand dunes, maybe Tatooine, the planet where Anakin and Luke Skywalker grew up. A voice announces that something woke up in strength, and suddenly racing! A man dressed in Stormtrooper, the soldiers of the empire, appears looked completely panicked, followed by a plan of a curious rolling droid. Then we discover a squad of Stormtroopers other, ready to take action! Perhaps they pursue the woman that later we see. Because it also does not seem serene. There is also with great pleasure the famous vessels X-Wing, emblematic of the saga, in a superb plan skimming. Change of scenery arises when a dark figure in a snowy forest. She pulls a lightsaber with a guard, red! This is the dark side that comes to wake up. But the bright side, with the Millennium Falcon and extraordinary Star Wars theme. The recent leak of the official teaser of Star Wars 7 seems to be a fake, since we do not find this scene in this first trailer of the wise initiated by Lucasfilm.

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The Return of the Dark Side

What can we deduce? Well in the meantime a little more full trailer, we have some first valuable information on this seventh episode. First, it is clear that the death of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader of his disciple, will not have enough to destroy the empire. The plot of Star Wars 7 will be certainly faces a result of the confrontation between the rebel Republic and Imperial forces . This is supported by the finale, where we see the Millennium Falcon struggling with Tie-Fighter, Imperial ships episodes 4 through 6. Side characters, we finally see little faces, and no known head. The man of the desert, or the woman on his speeder, they are among the main characters? The mystery also remains with the new villain, which can be seen that the new lightsaber model. But we have already discovered some key points of Star Wars 7, as we expected yesterday. One thing is certain, the battle between good and evil already looks epic! What did you think of this first trailer?


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