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Johnny Hallyday no longer believes in Sarkozy! – Stars News









 Credits: PR Photos

Credits: PR Photos

In the past, Johnny Hallyday has repeatedly shown its support for Nicolas Sarkozy. Yes, but this time seems long gone! In an interview with the Point, he said that many French as he no longer believed in him as a politician. The “good” news is that it still has a lot of affection for the man! That’s something, right?

The Taulier has released “I no longer believe too Sarkozy. Like many people, he was disappointed. It offers nothing new. This is someone that I love personally, but I do not believe in the politics of today. “

In short, if Nicolas Sarkozy came to be a candidate for the presidency in 2017, he would have to find another support. Unless by then it reaches to convince him that he has new ideas to France.

Especially since Johnny references to him. He remembers with nostalgia the Pompidou years during which the French were more moral than today and had a much better play. At the same time, difficult to compare the two eras, not

And to draw a sad portrait of our beautiful country: “Today we are afraid to have fun, it’s frowned upon because everything goes wrong. That’s why France is sad because nobody dares to have fun. “

To the eternal teen idol, the crisis is global, but some are doing better because they bossent. And make particular reference to the United States where people work hard to get by and welcome the success of others, not like in France …. countries attended too and he said that did not come out any time soon.



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