Sunday, November 30, 2014

It reproduces the trailer for Star Wars 7 … Lego! – The Obs

“It took me forever.” A Star Wars fan reproduced The official trailer of episode 7 of the saga, out Friday in … and Lego stop-motion!

titanic work done in a few hours. “I had nothing to do [Friday] So after the trailer came out, I started to build the Millennium Falcon, the [battleship] X-Wing [...], all devices, and then I met all my figures, “says the author of the video, hidden behind the pseudonym” Snooperking “on his YouTube page.

And the resemblance is stirring

Star Wars VII: the trailer finally unveiled LeNouvelObservateur

Snooperking says he finished his film in the night from Friday to Saturday after more than 12 hours. It must post the video quickly because Saturday is expected to her grandparents.

On his return, the video has already been viewed more than 500,000 times. Sunday night at 22 pm French time, the trailer version of Lego has been viewed nearly 1.4 million times!

“Shit!” is enthusiastic Snooperking. “In addition it is not so well done that! I thought the special effects were zero, but thank you for your nice comments!”


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