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Cinema. Next time, I will be aiming heart ** – The Telegram


In the late 70s, Constable Alain Lamare Brigade Chantilly (Oise), investigating the murder of young women. Murders of which he was in fact the author.

Drama Cédric Anger with Guillaume Canet, Ana Girardot, Jean-Yves Berteloot, Patrick Azam. “You’re a disgrace to the police! “. Stunned and furious, confronted with the unimaginable, the captain of the brigade Chantilly faces one of his men, on 8 April 1979. Above all suspicions, the young soldier just admit it “Killer Oise” which terrorized the region for months.

Cedric Anger, the director, has chosen to tell the facts from the point of view of the killer, delivering a captivating film power from start to end. While highlighting the earthquake that shook the police when she discovers the perpetrator who sowed psychosis in the department of Oise winter 1978 spring 1979.

Banal and disturbing

A murder, assault of five young women with gunshot wounds – one of the victims will be paralyzed – three robberies and car thefts. In operation, the gendarme, highly motivated, involved in the investigation. In the shadows, he wrote anonymous claims sent to police Creil, where he taunted his colleagues: “The next time, I will be aiming heart,” he warns

In the role of policeman. the double life, a wonderful Guillaume Canet, banal and disturbing at the same time. The young man was fascinated by military commandos. He sleeps in a tent in the room, her clothes are lined articles on news items, it imposes commando training alone at night in the forest of Chantilly, to test its endurance. Frustrated by the refusal of employment in the commandos, Constable rocking good. The company has made him a monster, he is justified.

Confused by his colleagues

After reading the claims of the killer, an inspector thought I recognized the writing style of a policeman or a police officer. Suspicions immediately swept offended by his superiors. The killer of the Oise rampant than ever. Yvan Stefanovitch then AFP journalist for the region, finally get wind of the trail of a mad investigator. December 31, 1978, he published a dispatch titled “Investigators believe that the new manic Oise is a police or gendarme.” Follows shortly after an official denial of the PJ de Lille.

Three months later, Lamare is confused by his own colleagues, the police finally decided to cross the hours of service of all members of the brigade with those attacks. Following a battle of experts, the crazy policeman was declared irresponsible reached a very rare form of schizophrenia. Never tried, he was interned since 1979.


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