Thursday, February 9, 2017

Aretha Franklin, a final album and retirement – The Express

The singer has started recording her first album at the age of 14 years, in the church of his father, a baptist pastor. She now wants to spend more time with his grandchildren.

This will be my last year“, said the diva on local tv Detroit WDIV.

She said that she was soon to record her latest album in a studio in the city, Stevie Wonder producing several pieces.

Aretha Franklin, famous in particular for having made the cover of the disc “Respect“, Otis Redding, however, remains always open to the idea of giving a few concerts.

I feel very satisfied when I see where my career began, and where I’m at right now“, she resumed. “But I’m not going to go away and just sit down without doing anything. This would not be desirable not“.

The singer the 18 Grammy Awards, the most prestigious awards of music in the United States, has had to cancel several concerts in recent years because of health problems.

It must occur on the 19th of April on the occasion of the opening of the film festival of Tribeca, New York, after the broadcast of a documentary about the talent scout Clive Davis, who had helped to resurrect his career in the 1980s by directing it towards the fans of pop music.

Aretha Franklin had also sung “Amazing Grace” in front of pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia in 2015.


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