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“Raid crazy” : who is Alice Pol, the rising star of the French comedy ? –


Alice Pol is the poster of “Raid crazy” with Dany Boon, in cinemas on the 1st of February

It will be difficult not to cross his face at seeing a poster in the beginning of the year. Alice Pol holds one of the two main roles of Raid crazy, the new comedy by and starring Dany Boon, film RTL in cinemas on the 1st of February. The actress of 30 years portrays Johanna, a young woman determined to join the ranks of the task Raid, the elite unit of the national police. This is without counting on his clumsiness is legendary, but the daughter of the minister of the Interior is not of the kind to be discouraged. She is trained by the instructor to be macho Eugene Froissard (Dany Boon), to whom she will give a hard time.

The benefit of Alice Pol in this action-comedy has been praised, to the point that it is compared to a Stone Richard female. But who is the actress in vogue, which seems to be doing her chosen field ?

RAID CRAZY trailer (Dany Boon, Comedy, 2017)

Passionate about the theater

Alice Pol was born in the Meeting in 1986, but it was at Marseille that she grew up, surrounded by two little sisters. School bored ? It takes acting classes from the age of 15 years. It is not devoted to his passion, following the course of law and history of the item hiding it from her parents, she rises from time to time to Paris to spend of castings, making them believe that she found her boy-friend.

At the age of 22, she writes his first piece : It’s all right…or vice versa, which runs twice through France. Next, the young woman appears in a few television series, such as Plus belle la vie and Under the sun.

true Aficionado of comedy

It was in 2007 that her career began on the big screen, with the comedy Ugly, Jean-Patrick Benes and Allan Mauduit. Alice Pol plays Jessica, one of the friends pestilences Melanie, suffers pain, who decides to rebiffer. Alice Pol does not appear then almost in a comedy : Player, Emotional anonymous, cruisingwant or Josephine, where she found Marilou Berry.

“Josephine” – trailer

It is in the comic film A perfect plan that Dany Boon mark. He did play in Supercondriaque (2014), his 4th film as a director and writer, and where he also holds the principal role. Alice Pol y plays Anna, the sister of practitioner Dany Boon, hypochondriac sickly, and whom he falls in love. More than 5 million viewers throng in the theatres to see it, and discover all the talent of Alice Pol.

Spotted by Dany Boon

“Supercondriaque” – trailer

“After the success of Supercondriaque, people have said to me ‘Oh well you’re going to do the comedy, you’re not afraid to be compartmentalized ?’ I don’t know, I have not the time to be afraid, take Alice Pol at the microphone of RTL. I’ve already got so much fear not working.. I am part on the film by Claude Lelouche, and Danièle Thompson, where I had opposite roles, and then I’ve done no comedy.”

It is by observing the awkwardness of the young woman, Dany Boon the recalls to Raid crazy. “I knew that we rebosserait together, it was so well-spent ! I know that it is a true, remembers Alice Pol. And all of a sudden, it draws me captivated. He said to me, ‘I saw you do it, you’re a mistake and a distraction for a non-standard’, which is a little inflated because he himself (…) is distracted. How to transform your defects into qualities by Dany Boon !”

The director confirms to BFM TV : “The first day of shooting Supercondriaque, she gets totally flipped, will sit down and reverses its full mug of tea in my briefcase, which is my scenario with all my notes, remembers Dany Boon. This is Alice Pol… For me, it is the encounter with a nature comic that makes me laugh a lot and for whom I have admiration.” Dany Boon the even compares to Pierre Richard, a comparison is well-deserved.

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