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Dakota Johnson: His life, worlds away from the sulphur of the “50 shades darker” – Gala

the screen in 50 Shades darker, she is the sultry Anastasia Steele. In life, despite his status as a sex symbol, the young woman has remained single.

The time has finally come where there is no longer necessary to start a sentence with “the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson” to present Dakota Johnson. In a few movies and especially a role, the role of Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey and now in 50 Shades darker, this young woman of twenty-seven years has managed to break free of his family legacy. With an ex-muse of Alfred Hitchcock as a grand-mother (Tippi Hedren), a mother and sex symbol in the years four-twenty-ten and a father who was elevated to the rank of actor worship thanks to a television series, a mythical (Two cops in Miami), the game was far from won. Indeed, everything begins rather badly for the Dakota.
In his childhood, it is diagnosed overactive and changes seven times to school. at the age of seventeen years, it is rehab to get rid of his addictions to drugs and alcohol. She then come s on to start a modeling career, and it is said that his name will soon join the list of child stars crushed under the weight of a celebrity which they have not chosen and which are burned the wings before it has even begun to deploy.

But it was without counting on a well-tempered character and a determination. Finished the escapades, she decided to follow the obvious route to it : the cinema. You can not escape his destiny, and then, at the bottom, she has never really thought of doing anything else. At the age of ten years old, she plays a small role in The head in the cardboard hat, directed by Antonio Banderas, the new husband of his mother, but it is in The Social Network, the biopic dedicated to Mark Zuckerberg, it is noted in 2010. Play the comedy calms. “ A teenager, I felt too many emotions to the contrary and incomprehensible, ” she says. the I realized that I could channel this energy in the game.” Few movies (21 Jump Street, Need for Speed), a series (Ben and Kate) and comes to the role that will change his life: that of Anastasia. A character sulphur, erotic scen es, a success with the public, Dakota Johnson enters a new dimension and becomes a star in his turn. so far, the success does not go to the head. She knows how to face the media pressure, and nourished by the experience of his parents whose smallest actions and gestures occurred in the tabloids. “They are gone before me, I have the impression that their carapace protects me today“, recognizes it. She is especially pleased to see that the notoriety allows him to meet personalities she admires for many years. “I have had the privilege of having discussions with actors, actresses and directors with whom I dream to work“, we gave it, in Los Angeles, there are fifteen days.

On the other hand, if she did not say, the success has cost him his love story with her boyfriend Matthew Hitt could not bear to see his sweetheart become the object of so many desires. After several breakups and reconciliations, they have put a definitive end to their relationship last June. In his spare time, Dakota in the now focused on his friends. If at one time she attended Rumer Willis, one of the daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, or Riley Keough, daughter of Lisa-Marie Presley, today she prefers to socialize away from the sphere of hollywood. With his small band, she was bouncing with delight in the pastime of the whole world: to see films, visit an exhibition or have a coffee. In recent times, she is in the mood rather casanière: “I have no desire to get out. I am looking at this calm, even loneliness.” His fantasy absolute?to fetch the children from school and wait until my husband comes home.” So far from his character in 50 Shades. “Il I still have to remind people that I’m not Anastasia, she said last year. Some have trouble distinguishing between fiction and reality.” After “daughter of”, it is another label that Dakota Johnson is going to have to be undone in the future.

With Hervé Tropéa in Los Angeles


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