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50′ inside : The new life of Iris Mittenaere elected Miss Universe – TF1

By Lorelei BOQUET-VAUTOR|Written for TF1|2017-02-04T19:50:08.936 Z, updated 2017-02-04T20:28:07.423 Z

She dreamed for always, she did it ! In the night from Sunday to Monday, Iris Mittenaere became Miss Universe 2016. An event which made France mad of happiness.

Cocorico ! It was 63 years ago that that didn’t happen, but in the night of Sunday to Monday last, Iris Mittenaere became Miss Universe, in the face of 85 competitors that do not want the property. It should be said that since his arrival in the Philipinnes, where took place the elections, the French girl of 24 years old, had been able to make out, prompting the passage of the jealousy of the other candidates for the title.

As required by the rules of Miss Universe, the young woman had to fly to New York in the shortest time possible after its election, while all the members of the committee Miss France, as well as the parents of Iris Mittenaere are back in France on Wednesday. The young woman came here for a year. While in the past miss were awarded an apartment in the Trump Tower, the official residence of the former owner of the concept Miss Universe, they now live in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Fifth Avenue, one of the most coveted of Manhattan. In the course of this year, the young woman from the Nord-Pas-De-Calais region is expected to collect approximately 500 000 $ , 20 000 $ monthly as well as juicy advertising contracts.

The strong points of Miss France became a star

Unlike the election of Miss France, where the recourse to cosmetic surgery is prohibited, everything is allowed for Miss Universe. Also, Iris Mittenaere has made all the difference in presenting themselves to the members of the jury being 100% natural. This has not prevented it to make a sensation during a parade in swimsuit where she has been referred to as having the “perfect body” (perfect body) for the evening. But it is also thanks to the stage of the national costume that the beautiful has scored a point, and marching in an outfit very light and can not be more sexy, taken from the Moulin Rouge cabaret.

A win roughly prepared

As noted by Sylvie Tellier teams of 50′Inside, Iris Mittenaere has been one of the only miss that which it has accompanied the reign, to show his ambition to want to become Miss Universe. Also, just like the american actors who covet a win at the Oscars, the Chair of the committee Miss France has put in place a real plan of battle to offer a real reputation of its small protected between lobbying and strategic communication. The young woman, for example, is committed to 100% in the association of the Good Fairies, with which the committee Miss France is very related. She also visited several countries, including China, to promote and expand the good practices of oral hygiene (remember that the young woman is in 4th year of dental surgery).

Another element of preparation, a coaching physical hard to be able to present a great look, as efficiently as possible, as well as training focused on the beauty and ease of behavior. It took Miss France to learn to behave as the most american of the French, to please the jury, the majority from the country of ” Uncle Sam “. An intense make-up, a blow-dry, ultra-volume, a relaxed attitude and spontaneous, in short, everything that the French are not necessarily the first.

You cry to see your Miss France 2016 to become Miss Universe ? Know that she will be briefly back in France in about a month and a half, time to return to the capital, but also in his native region, where it all began for her.


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