Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top Chef 2017 : Philippe Etchebest is angry with a candidate, Carl eliminated… Replay of episode 2 –

This evening, the war of the brigades to start in Top Chef 2017 ! Candidates go to Saint-Tropez, to meet with Arnaud Donckele, who will judge a first event on the theme of the sea. Novelty today, this are the leaders who will choose the ingredients of their candidates in the pantry. A mission that they all take a bit too seriously ! Philippe Etchebest happens quickly to get its candidates on the right track, but it is ultimately Jeremiah Yzarn that is selected for the tasting finals with his recipe for Wolf cardamom. On the side of Michel Sarran, David Grémillet and Alexis Delassaux have to work the squid. A product that enchants not really the two cooks. Es pecially as between the chief and David Grémillet, this is not love crazy. Technical, dressing, seasoning, nothing will ! “You have good ideas, regrets the head, it is not necessary that this be offset by the bullshit of kids !”. Without surprise, it is Alexis Delassaux that is selected for the result. In the brigade at Hélène Darroze, it is Maximilian Dienst, which is selected due to its maki de sardines. After a tasting by Arnaud Donckele, the verdict is in. michelin-starred chef has flashed on the basis of Jeremiah Yzarn. the “A very big blow of heart, certainly the most outstanding dish I have tasted in this kind of contest.”. It is, therefore, the basis of assessment, as well as the sardines of Maximilian Dienst that are directly qualified for the rest of the competition.

Top Chef 2017, M6, candidatesFranck Pelux pète a lead full test of Top Chef, and is immediately crop !

For the second event of the competition, the candidates must do a recipe in trompe-l’œil, judged by the Best Worker of France Yann Brys. Once again, the latter does not sample a plate of by brigade. The side of Philippe Etchebest, Franck Pelux makes a dessert stuffed tomato, but it loses it quickly a cable seeing the other cooks open the freezer for its preparation freezes. Any behavior deemed unacceptable by Philippe Etchebest, chef de brigade, who did not hesitate to put it back in its place rather violently, sending it in last chance, facing mont-blanc revisited Jean-François Bury. On their side, Julien Wauthier and Guillaume Sanchez all leave the two on a revisit of the egg. An additional pressure for Michel Sarran, who will have to decide between them solely on the visual. Loyal to its past as a pastry chef, Guillaume Sanchez makes a very nice revisiting of the egg on the flat, while Julien Wa uthier crashes completely and disappoint Michel Sarran from the 2nd episode of Top Chef 2017. Without surprise, this is William Sanchez, is selected. Finally, in the brigade at Hélène Darroze, Kelly Rangama decides to revisit a beef carpaccio with sweet while Thomas Letourneur hand on a tiramisu salted. Despite the reluctance of the chief, it is finally the tiramisu with fish that is selected for the rest of the competition. After the wine tasting, Yann Brys decides to save the plates from Guillaume Sanchez and Jean-François Bury. For all other, in the direction of the last chance.

Top Chef 2017, M6, candidatesIt is finally Carl Dutting which is eliminated from Top Chef 2017

For the eight candidates who were not selected this week, the last chance promises to be very complicated. In fact, the tasting finale will be blind, and one of the heads will eliminate them without knowing a member of his brigade. This week, the candidates will have to focus on a single product of their choice. A challenge well meet Hyacinth Trivero, who has the art and the manner of perfecting the product that it works. Carl Dutting also chose the apple, but the candidate was chained to the galleys. Salty side David Grémillet chooses the mushrooms, while Thomas Letourneur hand on asparagus, and Julien Wauthier makes a single product of cauliflower. Without knowing it, Franck Pelux, Kelly Rangama and Alexis Delassaux choose all three the carrot as the main product. A test that is already of a very high level, even higher than Jean-François Piège is now for the first time of the season, and that there is no gift to cooks. if Kelly Rangama, Giancinta Trivero and Franck Pelux have the right to a salvo of compliments, it is a real blow to David Grémillet and Carl Dutting, which will appeal to not heads. A complicated decision for all heads, but which finally concludes with the elimination of Carl Dutting, and his plate of caramel apples. A real disappointment for Philippe Etchebest, who loses a chef, his brigade, but also his protégé and winner of Objective Top Chef. do you Think that Carl Dutting merit its elimination tonight ?


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