Sunday, February 5, 2017

The concert of Lady Gaga at halftime of the Super Bowl 2017 sign-t-he the return of the superstar? – The Huffington Post

MUSIC – This is THE moment where it is necessary to ensure. This Sunday, February 5, tens of millions of people attend behind their tv at the Super Bowl, the great annual mass of the american football.

But this event is not that sporty. Each year, the areas pubs are sold in the millions and the biggest stars come to entertain the public in each half. Last year, Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars have provided the show. Lady Gaga had been chosen to sing the american national anthem at the opening of the ceremony.

Her performance has had to conquer the heart of the National Football League (NFL), because the association has proposed to ensure the show of the half time of the Super Bowl in 2017. If one knows the talent of Lady Gaga for the big shows – one remembers in particular the tour of the “Born this Way Ball” – for the past few years the diva exuberant was made more discreet, up to doubts as to its ability to delightfully surprise the spectators during the 13 minutes that she has on Sunday evening.

extravagance in the closet

Since his tour ARTPOP, the new york singer has somewhat softened. After an album of revival jazz, Lady Gaga has released the 21 of October last, “Joanne”, a disc that much more intimate than the previous ones. “Each of these songs is very autobiographical and speaks of me as the daughter of my father, the daughter of my mother, just a girl in the city, italo-american adventure in new territory”, she had said at the time.

the image of this album, the superstar dropped the mask for a few years: looks most classic appearances without makeup, evocation of the intimate moments of painful… She has even unveiled his psychological problems. The singer who seems to be ready to show such as it is, may well put on his mask the time of a half-time.

stage Performance

If the last 4 years, Lady Gaga has unveiled another facet of his personality, it is good to remember that this is in part due to its extravagance and its grand shows that she has gained notoriety.

While the world remembers her dress meat, her hair perched high up, and her outfits on scenes are always original and surprising. If some have forgotten, check out some reminders in the videos below.

In concert in Sydney in 2011, Lady gaga sang “Poker Face”

Lady Gaga sang “Judas”

Lady Gaga sang “Born This Way” at the 53rd Grammy Awards

Preparation secrets

As usual, the interpreter of “Bad Romance” will probably play the card of surprise for her show at the Super Bowl. An index which could assume a monumental performance as she trained for over a month, according to his publications on his account Instagram. Preparations for athletes who may promise a show physical and energetic.

“Training all day #superbowl #half-time”

If you know little yet of the concert that she gave, we can already note that it will be accompanied by 16 dancers in the stage of Houston, what to make the show during the 13 minutes of the show.

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