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VIDEO – Omar Sy, Marina Foïs… These personalities at lunch appointed to the Caesar –

The breakfast of the named at the César 2017 Image Credit : FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP Credit Media : RTLnet

a few weeks of the 42nd ceremony of Caesar, a large part of the 177 actors, directors and technicians to be appointed together to share a lunch on the avenue des Champs-Elysées. This annual event has for objective to give named their “diploma” (each participant receives an Official Certificate of Appointment), engraved with their name. A first reward before the eventual consecration… The Caesar. It is also the last stage before the evening of the rewards and therefore the opportunity to create a last exchange between the nominees and the press.

The only downside of this edition 2017 is the absence of many actors such as Isabelle Huppert, Marion Cotillard, Virginia Effira, François Cluzet, or Pierre Niney.

At lunch, Alain Terzian, president of the Academy of sciences and techniques of cinema, has announced that the 42nd ceremony will not have a president . “It was proposed in person for reasons you will soon find. It will be assumed, and the hustle and bustle that you have seen,” he emphasized.

The drafting of RTLnet was able to meet with, among others, Omar Sy, named for the César of the best actor in the film Chocolate but also Laurent Lafitte, in the running for the César of the best actor in a supporting role for the film She or even Marina Foïs, nominated for the César for best actress in Flawless.

Our question : What time in the history of the Caesar struck you most ?
You can find all the answers below :

Omar Sy, Marina Foïs and Laurent Lafitte… check out the times of Caesar that have been marked Image Credit : Editing RTL / AFP Credit Media : RTLnet

The sequence to Caesar who has the most impact on the personalities present at the lunch, appointed to Caesar is when Annie Girardot has won the César for best actress in a supporting role for Les Misérables.

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