Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shia LaBoeuf seriously wounded in the head on a shoot – Le Figaro

The 29-year-old actor opened his skull during a sequence of his next film, American Honey . According to TMZ, he was hospitalized and was treated to 20 stitches, decorated with 13 staples.

Certainly, Shia LaBeouf likes paying of person. After becoming the laughingstock of the Internet because of a monologue than mocked, the 29 year old actor suffered serious injuries Wednesday on a film set.

While filming a scene his next film, American Honey , in the state of North Dakota in the United States, he was injured and taken to hospital quickly. Despite this incident, the shooting resumed normally today.

As a true professional actor, the young man decided to perform his own stunts. But this audacity has he seems cost him dearly. According to the US website TMZ, Shia LaBoeuf was entitled to 20 stitches and 13 staples in his head and fingers. He was hit by broken glass of a window, when jumping gone wrong.

This is not the first shooting incident facing the actor. On the set of Fury, starring Brad Pitt, Shia La Boeuf had had a tooth for her character seem more credible. He had been banged up on the plateau Transformers 2 where he had hit his head against a pole.

American Honey , written and directed by Andrea Arnold, originally greeted very Fish Tank and The Wuthering Heights , features a runaway teenager who joined a group of misfits in a Midwestern crossing. She finds himself embarked on a whirlwind of madness blows and love stories.

The film should be released by the end of the year in movie theaters. Meanwhile, Shia LaBoeuf hope will keep quiet.


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