Monday, June 15, 2015

Why Jurassic World devoured the worldwide box office? – Cinema

The public wanted the dinosaurs

Shop around. What is the last good film (excluding animation) involving dinosaurs to be released in theaters? It was nice to widen, it is Jurassic Park 3 that tirelessly returns. Nothing to jump up, but a Jurassic Park is still way more horny than the atrocious Le Monde (almost) lost or any production Asylum broke.

No big studio has dared to tackle the myth by producing a true blockbuster with dinos. Logic, which would be suicidal enough to put $ 200 million into such a project? Jurassic Park is certainly the definitive film about these extinct creatures there 65 million years. Luckily for the franchise, the public loves it, dinosaurs. And as he had seen nothing correct about the subject since 2001, we understand that it is massaged in movie theaters.


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