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VIDEOS. “Michel Delpech goes off smoothly,” said Michel Drucker – Le Parisien

June 14, 2015, 11:46 | Updated: June 14, 2015, 12:39

Michel Delpech in November 2014. Illustration. LP / YANN FOREIX

“I would still talk about him in the present.” It is through this terrible admission that Michel Drucker began speaking Saturday in Aix-en-Provence, his friend, the singer Michel Delpech, 69, suffering from throat cancer for over two years.

“I’ll see him every three days, the doctors told him he would not be there in September,” added, moved, the facilitator from the dais of the great auditorium of the Faculty of Law where he intervened as part of the first edition of “stars Feathers’ book fair which he is the godfather. He concluded with these shocking words: “. He died peacefully”

While Michel Drucker tests to the public his first one-person show, which will trace his journey began in 1964, he says the interpreter of “Flirting” was his first witness: “He told me: I do not see you on stage, make me your one-man . . I told him to his room, taking his IV “If he reveals the drama now lives Michel Delpech is at the express request of the singer:” He said: talking about me , talking about me on stage, talking about me in your books, saying that I was brave.

” He has a scary thing Michel Delpech, he has cancer at the base language. Can you imagine what it is for a singer not being able to talk about? “Said the presenter.

VIDEO. “Michel Delpech goes off smoothly,” said Michel Drucker


 These confidences come three months after the publication of a moving book, “Live!” In which Michel Delpech tells her illness. Hit once by a throat cancer in February 2013, the singer was believed cured in winter 2014. He told us then want to go back on stage. Las, “there are two months, the pain woke up. At the back of the throat (…). In fact, I had not cured, “he has told the” Parisien “-” Today in France “in March. Far from bemoaning his fate, he lingered on the “small pleasures” found in this new “adventure”, as he calls his “re-cancer”. “Curiously, while the sky is about to fall on my head, I have never been so peaceful,” he confided.

VIDEO. In November 2014, Michel Delpech said he wanted to return to the stage


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